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Saturday the 3rd, the first Saturday of the College Season, saw some pleasant surprises/upsets and some expected landslide victories. As the first games kicked off I fell in love for the 8th time – I really became a fan of the game in 2003 – all over again, and my buckeyes were the first to take the field against the Akron Zips. The Zips played a sub-par game because the Buckeyes shockingly revamped themselves once more on defense as they have for years. Luke Fickell, New Interim Head Coach of Ohio State, was happy with how his team played on both sides of the ball as he saw his red-shirt senior QB play a great game and two highlights – pick by Anthony Sweat and one-handed snag by Corey Brown – that will be remembered by season’s end. The bottom-line is that more than a couple of teams yesterday started anew with a different Head Coach; here is how they fared on week 1.


When ESPN, the worldwide leader in Sports, aired Sportscenter – the most popular national television sports news broadcast – in September 1979 they had no idea how big it would get. Think about it, when you are having a slow summer morning and you are, at least, somewhat of a sports fan odds are you are going to take a glance at any of their morning broadcasts during that time. In order to publicize the show in 1994, they debuted a new series of advertisements now commonly known as “This is Sportscenter” ads (it is the slogan that appears at the end of every one of the commercials). So I saw one of the ads on ESPN the other day and wondered to myself what the funniest “This is Sportscenter” (a.k.a. TIS) commercials were… so I did some research and found some funny stuff.

9 – The Brett Favre System – Paul Revere reveals whether or not Brett Favre will retire.