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To kick-off my weekend I went to go check out the new movie that has everyone buzzing – Moneyball – when I started to walk out of the theater I was a loss of words to describe how good this movie was. This, I thought to myself, was a rare spectacle … rarely do I find myself entranced on a movie to the point that I am almost consumed in the movie, but the comedy and emotional one-two punch of the film had me in awe for all 126 minutes. I got to thinking last night, what are my favorite Sports Movies of all time? No, I’m not talking comedies like Talladega Nights, Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore, Blades of Glory, or The Waterboy; I’m talking about true-stories, a detailed and believable plot-line, and – in some cases – tear-jerking closings. Without further adieu, here’s my top ten…