1 Start em’ and Sit em’ at each position: Fantasy Football Week 3

Posted: September 20, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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As the Fantasy Season goes on we take a look at the coming week. Here are my must-starts and must-sits for Week 3, pay attention and check back because I pretty much guarantee the guys I list are bound to go off or be busts this coming week!

QB’s :

Start em’ – Cameron Newton – Look, a QB on a hot streak that is playing a weak defense sounds great but I get the feeling that many dismiss starting Newton because he is a rookie and he’s bound to have that game in which he screws up. He will not have that game this week! If you have him – unless you have Brady or Brees (obvious plays) – I think it should be an automatic start. For this reason I believe it will be a blowout – it’s not a bad idea to finally give Williams or Stewart the start if you have been holding them back – and Newton will start to be compared to all-time greats.
Proj: 415 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT

Sit em’ – Jay Cutler – If you start Cutler this week you are just asking for trouble. I realize that the game is at soldier field but the Packers’ defense is solid this year. The reason Newton went off on them last week is honestly because I don’t think they expected him to play at the level that he did. Expect them to be ready for their first divisional match-up this week, and if you are in a one-QB league then Sit him on your bench. Plenty of guys you could pick up off the waiver-wire.
Proj: 230 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

RB’s :

Start em’ – Ryan Mathews – Mathews really impressed me this past Sunday. In the Chargers loss to the Pats at Gillette Stadium the Fresno State grad had himself a game (64 solid yards and a TD). This against one of the better D-lines in the league, and I’ll tell you something else that has me excited for Mathews this week…Mike Tolbert (who usually shares carries with Mathews) made two bone-head plays Sunday. I think that Mathews will receive the bulk of the carries this weekend and if you have a flex spot or secondary RB position up in the air before you have to set your line-up then he’s your guy.
Proj: 90 yards, 1 TD

Sit em’ – Steven Jackson, Arian Foster (The Injured Groups of Running Backs) – Even if the guys you had on the bench last week come back to play I really don’t see them performing to the best of their ability by any means. Foster and Jackson headline the class of injured RB’s through two weeks and I really don’t think either of them will come back and have stellar games. They may end up re-injuring themselves…like Foster did in their game against Miami.
Proj: (Roughly for both) 40 yards, 0 TD

WR’s :

Start em’ – Larry Fitzgerald (Early Doucet or any Cardinals receiver you may have) – If you were starting Fitzgerald this past week, like I was, then you were thrilled to see that he could still do the stuff he was doing with Kurt Warner. The reality of the situation is that Kevin Kolb has emerged amongst the elites of the league and is quiet sitting at the bottom, almost un-noticed. If you are in a predicament and need a WR this week start any of the starting Cardinals receivers…HONESTLY. Against Seattle it’s worth a shot because any of them will probably have an opportunity to grab 6.
Proj: 110 yards, 2 TD

Sit em’ – Desean Jackson – This is an ugly situation, isn’t it? Vick is probably out and you probably are thinking to yourself what do I have to lose with Jackson because he is the punt-returner and knows how to get in the endzone…wrong! I learned a long time ago not to start someone because they are the punt-returner as well as a WR, and if Kafka is starting then it is going to be a fun day for the constantly blitzing NY Giants.
Proj: 45 yards, 0 TD

TE’s :

Start em’ – Rob Gronkowski – Folks, not much to this, you’ve got a guy with Tom Brady throwing to him and he already has 3 TDs on the Season. Couple that with the fact that Aaron Hernandez is out for two weeks and you have a MUST START.
Proj: 80 yards, 1 TD

Sit em’ – Owen Daniels – Listen this guy is always injury riden and I just don’t care for the way that Schuab has been playing so far. Call it what how you want but I really think (against the Saints) that Daniels is a Sit Down for Week 3.
Proj: 25 yards, 0 TD

Again feel free to ask for any Fantasy Advice below: I will definitely give you your best option and a same-day response.

Also, my Redskins play Dallas on MNF this weekend, Go get it hogs! Gotta get that 3-0 start, and shout out to Redskin Nation.

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  1. Midnight Marauder says:

    Hey there-
    In a 12-team league. Have won both games so far and totalled most points in both games with this line up(QB/3 WR’s/2 RB’s/TE/flex-w-r-t/ K/DEF): Brees, Fitzgerald, Austin, Holmes, Tolbert, Lawfirm,V. Davis, Meachem, Gostkowski, NYJ. Obviously, aside from Vernon, they’ve all done fairly well, some better than others.
    With Austin out, I’ve had to do some re-shuffling. Should I switch Meachem to WR3 and move Jonathan Stewart to the flex spot? Or should I put Eric Decker in the flex spot? (the rest of my bench includes Jacoby Jones, Joe Flacco, Roy Helu, Javon Ringer, Scott Chandler). Or is there a better configuration you can think of? Aside from Holmes’ TD last week, he hasn’t done much,,,
    Also, Jeff King, Evan Moore, Ed Dickson are still available TE’s… should I keep Chandler or go for one of those other guys? With Davis getting so little action these past 2 games I am starting to get worried… Thanks for your help.

    • mceagle611 says:

      Excellent comment and in order to address your flex spot I must first begin to say that starting a saints wr is a huge risk. Anyone of them could get some a hell of a lot of yards and a couple TDs or nothing. For this reason I would probably suggest starting Stewart even though the Carolina ground game has been immensely struggling. They are playing Jacksonville, who has a terrible D, and I think that J.stew is good for at least a goalline TD and 50 yards. Might I also suggest picking up a Greg Olsen or Jeremy Shockey for this week because I don’t think Chandler will score against the Patriots, and the Panthers are bound to get their first win of the season. I like Eric Decker against bad defenses when Orton can throw for over 300 yards, so I think just hold off on him a week. Also I like that you have Roy Helu on your bench I think he might be a sleeper that emerges over the course of the next couple weeks. I would not play him Monday night though against Dallas. It should be an old fashioned shootout.

  2. Pro footballer. says:

    Will you tell me exactly how to alter my lineup? My problem is that I don’t really know who I’m playing, it’s sort of a mistery…so help?

  3. George Klosterman says:

    Now that Hillis is out for the week, is Hardesty up to the task of filling in for him? More importantly, will he get me a decent amount of points?

    • mceagle611 says:

      No, hardesty will not and I believe this because if you look at how Green Ellis and Ben Tate/Derrick Ward have done against the dolphins D, not superb…but decent. However he won’t get you what Hillis would get you if he was healthy. Who else do you got? Are there any big names on the waiver wire because as you probably know sometimes you can snag a sleeper.

  4. Damack says:

    I have Hillis(who’s out), Wells(who’s suffering a hamstring) and Best…with Addai on the bench. Should I drop Wells now for Wells and go get D.Thomas(MIA) or jus switch Addai in for Hillis and call it a day. Only reason why I wouldnt drop Hillis just yet is b/c he’s too good. Wells on the other hand plays at 4:15 if he cant go I was going throw in Addai. Out of Hillis and Wells….who should i drop for the remainer of the season, b/c he’ll be gone by next week wavier.

    • mceagle611 says:

      To be honest it’s all up to you. My first initial thought is that I have Hillis and Wells and I don’t want to give them up because they are two good backs. So it depends on your situation, do you want to take a loss this week in order to keep wells and hillis? It’s all strategical thinking that you need to decide before 1 o clock games. I can tell you that addai is not going to go off as you already know, if you are going to drop someone can it not be addai? Also out of the two I would drop wells even if Hillis has injury problems as the season progresses because the cardinals have a pass based offense and Hillis is going to get into the endzone. Also figure that if someone picks up wells then they may have to drop another decently good back in which you could pick up.

  5. bill perry says:

    For my flex spot, who would you rather star? DeAngelo Williams or Nate Washington?

    • mceagle611 says:

      This is an interesting option, if I were a betting man I would say that Williams is your best bet this week because he is going up against a terrible rush defense and if Cam Newton can keep the defense honest – like I know he will be able to do – then I would play Williams.

      • bill perry says:

        cool, thanks for the quick response! much appreciated!

      • bill perry says:

        Naturally Washington has a 15pt day, and DeAngelo continues to look like a thief for signing that contract with his whopping 8 total fantasy pts 3 weeks in. I’m officially done with him.
        Thanks for the help…it’s not your fault as you make the case to do the pragmatic thing in terms of WR vs. RB, which I was already leaning towards, so thanks again.
        Now I’m going to try and trade this bum, although I’m pretty sure most wouldn’t even part ways with an STD to accomodate him on a roster.

      • mceagle611 says:

        I appreciate your anger. There’s always a bust and it appears that this year Deangelo Williams may be that guy. If you can grab a Shonn Greene or Willis McGahee type then you should be straight. Sorry it didnt work out today though.

  6. john robbins says:

    Sims-Walker or Nate Washington? I’m 0-2 and in a deep league and my top guys are either hurt or have very bad match ups

    • mceagle611 says:

      Ouch man, I think we’ve all been here before. The reality of the situation is that you have to almost guess the guy that may catch a touchdown pass but I have a simple question for you that may resolve your problems…does your league give points for receptions? If so Washington has 13 receptions through two games and I think he could continue that streak. I’m going to just lay it down here though, your better option is probably Washington this week because the Ravens Pass D is stronger than the Broncos Pass D.

  7. john robbins says:

    Thanks, I was kind of thinking the same thing. I do get points for receptions so I agree with you and I will go with Washington, Just needed a little help with this ugly situation. If the Seahawks would get there stuff together with the pass game I could start Sidney but I don’t have confidence right now especially this being his first game back. I appreciate your sight, I’m gonna be here a lot!

  8. Phillip says:

    I am in a 14 team league that uses (qb, rbX2, wrX2, te, Flex, k, def, +4 bench) for weekly lineups. The league is pretty competitive this year, and on my draft I landed some studs, but came out short on RB strength. I currently start J.Freeman, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Ryan Matthews, Peyton Hillis, Antonio Gates, J.Maclin J.Hanson, and this week its the Tenn DEF. I had to sub out Gates, and was lucky enough to snag Fred Davis off waivers earlier this week (last week I jumped on Jeremy Maclin having been dropped after Week 1???), and I also subbed in Dexter McCluster for the now inactive P.Hillis. The other 2 spots in my bench are Sam Bradford, with a tough opening schedule, and Michael Bush as the other reserve. I tried but failed to get Ben Tate last week too, but another owner had waiver priority over me, so I was glad that I got Maclin anyway. Its good that McCluster has dual positions (rb/wr) as this gives me great flexibility for my lineup, the problem is I don’t have an established runner. I saw that two RBs were recently dropped that I am seriously considering picking up. Its Marshawn Lynch and Mark Ingram. I don’t know if I should drop either the ineffective Bradford (who I know I should keep, as there are no other good available or serviceable QBs on the wire — Kitna, Dalton and Gabbert were picked up this week so now its bone dry) or M.Bush, who could potentially go nuts anytime he gets carries in Oakland’s backfield (or perhaps if McFadden gets injured) to acquire either one of them. Lynch in a starter in Seattle’s anemic offense, and Ingram has serious potential but also has major competion to get touches. Should I stand pat, or should I go for one of them since I have a glaring need at the RB position? Is Bush worth keeping any longer with a healthy McFadden ahead of him, or do I make the move for either of the other RBs?

    • mceagle611 says:

      Nice comment. Let’s address you RB situation first: Rule #1 – do not drop backs that get into the endzone. I’ve learned this in years past as I have had Willis McGahee on my bench often…and this year it has payed off. You are in a good situation and let me tell you why. Michael Bush steals TDs from McFadden (haha it sounds cruel I know), but Michael Bush is the Raiders goalline back and since the Raiders don’t really have a go to receiver in the redzone Bush is their guy on first and second down. Also, I would not go for lynch but definitely explore grabbing Ingram because I really think that he will be the unquestioned starter after week 8 or 9. I would also consider a trade and you are welcome to ask me about potential trades that you my want to make (let me add that I think you should play Michael Bush instead of McCluster. Your QB situation is very simple I would stick it out with Bradford despite recent struggles because you should only need him for a couple weeks and if this team returns to near full strength (they won’t get Amendola back) then you should do fine with him. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

      • Phillip says:

        I saw that the Raiders also employ Marcel Reece out there at times as well. I haven’t seen much of the Raiders games lately, but wouldn’t he also steal goal-line carries as well. That was an additional concern of mine….I always liked Michael Bush’s potential, which is why I drafted him as the handcuff, but obviously with McFadden firmly among the league leaders at his postion this year, and having seen glimpses of this kid Reece, I had the impression that Bush’s stock had gone down…..

      • mceagle611 says:

        Nope he is getting goalline carries

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