Artist On the Rise: e-dubble

Posted: September 18, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music, Music Submission
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And we have another music submission for today’s post. Yes I know, I’m scratching my head too. I’ve heard of e-dubble before but I guess never really got around to looking him up further. Now I’m not actually sure if I received the submission from e-dubble himself, I doubt it, but whoever sent this to me, I want to thank you. e-dubble is the definition of dope and I think it’s time to add another to list of already growing white emcees who are taking over the industry. And honestly with what I’ve listened to far from e-dubble, it seems like he can be up there and compete with those other artists. Don’t believe me? Just check below.

For those of you unfamiliar with e-dubble, he is from Baltimore, Maryland and does everything when it comes down to his music. He writes, records, produces and raps all of his music; there is no help needed. If there was a style to compare with his sound, it would be a combination between Slug (of Atmosphere) and Apathy (of get Busy Committee) but he can also sing his own hooks. e-dubble released his debut project, Hip-Hop Is Good back in October 2009 and while that project is extremely good, it doesn’t have my favorite e-dubble tracks to date. I want to talk about e-dubble’s most recent work and that goes in the form of six tracks that have yet to find a home on any project. The first track is called Be a King and it is a great introduction track for those of you unfamiliar with him. It has a sick, uptempo beat, nasty verses and an extremely catchy hook. The records message is uplifting and it’ll put you in a good mood upon one listen. Up next we have Where We Are which has a great sample and has e-dubble at his best, both flow wise and lyrically. The next song, Be Okay, is another fast paced track that has one of the best e-dubble hooks so far. It’s infectious as hell and throw in the usual monster behind the mic for the verses and you have a standout track. Rebuild follows and the whole song can lyrically be summed up in one line “life is like leggos, gotta keep building”. The theme is a positive one and it shows how the ability that e-dubble has with his pen and paper. e-dubble’s most recent release follows and it goes by the name of Life Coach. He goes in over a nasty beat and it turns out to one helluva banger. Despite all this heat e-dubble has brought us, Changed My Mind is arguably his best work to date. I can’t sum up this song with any amount of words, you’re just going to have to listen to it for yourself. Trust me it’s worth your time.

e-dubble is one of the hardest working artists out there today and he deserves more shine than he’s getting. Yes, he has a huge online following but it’s time he broke onto the national scene. I can’t describe how much you have been missing out on the Baltimore emcee if you haven’t been listening to him. All you have to do is click the play button below, you won’t be disappointed.

e-dubble Official Website
e-dubble’s Facebook Fan Page
Follow e-dubble on Twitter
e-dubble’s SoundCloud Page

e-dubble – Changed My Mind

e-dubble – Be a King

e-dubble – Rebuild

e-dubble – Be Okay

e-dubble – Life Coach

e-dubble – Where We Are

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