Artist On the Rise: Hopsin

Posted: September 15, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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If you don’t already listen to Hopsin, you’ve probably heard his name before. He was featured on a standout track off Tech N9NE’s All 6’s and 7’s, Am I a Psycho? which was the first time I ever heard of him. He might have actually had my favorite verse off said song, but I guess I was just too lazy to look up more stuff by him (terrible decision). Well I finally got around to it a couple weeks back because I had heard nothing but the best about him. And let me tell you that this man lives up to and exceeds everything said about him. If you want a sense of his style, well here you go: he has the hunger and emotion of a younger Eminem, the flow and sound of Tech N9NE and a slightly less dark side than Brotha Lynch Hung. Just being mentioned among those names should be enough to warrant a chance to listen to him. Did I also mention that he produces all of his own records?

Two more things are going to come up whenever you talk about Hopsin, 1) those white contacts and 2) the controversy he stirs up. I heard back in an interview that the reason Hopsin wears the white contacts is because he used to do rap shows and such and no one would remember his face. So he put in the white contacts and just like that he’s recognizable upon sight. And the shots he takes at other rappers are on the brink of ridiculous. When Hopsin dropped the fourth installment in his Ill Mind of Hopsin series last month, he caught everyone’s attention by dissing Tyler, the Creator. While I am a huge fan of the Odd Future group, I found the diss creative and amusing. Oh and that’s not the only shots he taken, just wait. So Hopsin has had a rough ride to say the least. He was signed back in 2007 to Eazy-E’s record label Ruthless Records. All I can say is that he was frustrated with the label and it eventually released his debut album, Gazing At the Moonlight in 2009. The album flopped and Hopsin left the label out of frustration, he has expressed his anger on many tracks so just listen for them. Okay, now its time to talk about the music that he makes. His second album, RAW, was released back in November of 2010 through his own independent label called Funk Volume. What I can say is that the album is incredible and it would be easier to list the songs I don’t like than the ones I do. So You Are My Enemy and I Can’t Decide are the only two tracks out of sixteen that I don’t enjoy hitting the play button for; everything else is dope ass music. With that being said the best track on the album by far is Sag My Pants. It shows of his sick nasty flow and it has a catchy sing-songy hook, but it still goes hard. While he may not have the fastest flow ever, Hopsin has one of the best flows I’ve heard in recent memory. He just has an amazing sense for what’s going on during the track and how its supposed to be rapped; it’s incredible to hear. Oh yeah, on Sag My Pants Hopsin takes shots at Drake, Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Lupe Fiasco, nbd. He also disses the widowed wife of Eazy-E, Tomica Wright vowing that he’ll make sure no one signs with Ruthless Records again. Every track on the album goes and Hopsin proves how seriously talented he is behind the mic and the boards.

The Los Angeles emcee is one of the most promising up and comers repping the west coast, and that’s saying a lot. He has one of the sickest flows I’ve ever seen and now that he has confidence behind the mic, look out. There is no one and nothing that can stop him. He has come too far and been through too much. Hopsin makes music that most artists only dream of being able to produce.. real pain, real passion, real music. If you don’t believe me, just listen to his whole album front to back and tell me he doesn’t. You won’t be able to.

Download: Hopsin – Gazing At the Moonlight
Download: Hopsin – RAW

Hopsin – Kill Her

Hopsin – I’m Not Introducing You

Hopsin – Heather Nicole

Hopsin – Ill Mind of Hopsin 4

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