It’s time for the seventh edition of Wednesday Night Shuffle! If you aren’t familiar, then here’s the deal: I’m going to select some different tracks that have been on rotation the most during the past week. They can be new, old, rap, rock, pop, whatever. I’ll talk a little about each track and give you a stream, download, ect. It’s just going to be about good music. So without further adieu hit the jump for the seventh edition of Wednesday Night Shuffle and be on the lookout for them every Wednesday night!

Aer – Shot Clock (Avicii Remix)
I feel like Aer has this strange ability to never make a bad song. I mean that haven’t don’t it so far. I first found it extremely strange that they were remaking Avicii’s Levels, which is a crazy house/dance track. But after one listen through this track is amazing in every sense of the word. I do have one complaint though, can we make the track a little longer Aer? Otherwise thanks for the incredible music.

Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (Remix) [feat. Kendrick Lamar]
Who saw this coming? I’ll tell you who, no one. It’s quite left field to what we are used to hearing from the Compton emcee as he jumps on the smash single from the indie band. And let me just say if Kendrick can bless this song with a nasty verse and still make it work, he’s providing more proof to everyone how truly talented he is.

Wale & Meek Mill – 100hunnit
THis track leaked a long time and was eventually cut from the Maybach Music Group album Self Made Vol. 1, which was completely insane. it would have easily been my favorite song off said album. It features back and forth verses from the two best members of MMG and a dope ass beat. To me this sounds like pre-MMG Wale, which is a great thing. I want that Beautiful Bliss and 90210 music from the DC representative. And I’ll add that Meek Mill doesn’t sound too bad either, I’m slowly becoming a big fan of the Philly emcee.

Terrace Martin – Thirsty (feat. Kendrick Lamar & CyHi Da Prynce)
The genius behind the beat on Ab-Soul’s Outro off Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 gets behind the mic and boards on this one. Oh yeah and did I mention he also gets Kendrick and CyHi to drop guest verses? Over another jazzy, soul driven beat, Kendrick starts off the track with a downright nasty verse and then he passes the mic to Terrace Martin himself. His verse has unorthodox flow, but it turns out to be extremely dope. CyHi Da Prynce lays down his verse on the final leg of the track and it leaves a great final feeling for the listener.

XV – The Kick
And for the second week in a row Vizzy is featured in WNS and he brought a sick track with him. I’m pretty sure almost all of you saw Inception and XV plays off that for this track. Well in order to wake someone up out of their dreams they needed a kick. The Squarian says that his real life is almost like a dream in the fact that it’s too good to be real, so he needs the kick to wake him up from his dream. It’s a great concept from XV and he executes it idea perfectly.

Drake – Free Spirit (feat. Rick Ross)
As everyone probably knows by now, Drake was generous to drop the fans off two original songs and a remix of a song with him in it. This one features Ricky Rozay, a welcome addition, and a nice beat from 40. You can expect the usual 40 behind the boards; a smooth, calm banger. While the hook is adequate, the verses go hard and I can listen to them all day. If you can’t tell by now, Take Care will probably more So Far Gone than Thank Me Later. And if you’ve been living under a rock for the last half year, then October 24th is the date.

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