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Posted: September 13, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Music
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Courtesy of mirror.co.uk

Think rap is big here? I bet you would be surprised how huge it is right across the pond in England. While hip-hop might not be as popular as it is here in the states, it has it’s place in current British music. I’ll be honest, UK rappers are dope as hell and this post will prove it to you. UK rap is greatly influenced by United States which is very apparent. Hip hop music throughout the world is influenced by the United States hip-hop but none are as similar as are the British and the US forms. The cultural diversity that exists in both these countries seems to be the relationship that makes them so comparable. The different cultures within these two countries are each creating their own form of hip hop individually. The effect of multi-cultural countries on music seems to be cross collaboration with the end result being a blending of all the different cultures. This merging of music puts the resultant hip hop from both the US and the UK on the top of the charts. So without further adieu hit the jump and check out some of the top artists in the British hip-hop/rap scene!

Tinie Tempah
Reppin’: Plumstead, London, England
Albums: Disc-Overy
Top 5 Records: Pass Out, Till I’m Gone (feat. Wiz Khalifa), Illusion, Snap, Wonderwoman (feat. Ellie Goulding)
Out of all the English artists, Tinie Tempah might be the most US ready. He has a hit-in-the-making in Till I’m Gone which features a hook from Wiz Khalifa and he’s already had a smash hit in the US with the track Written In the Star (feat. Eric Turner). His debut album, Disc-Overy, debuted at number one in the UK and was re-released in March 2011 in the US and clocked in at number twenty-one. Meanwhile back in England six out of the thirteen track off the album charted in at twelfth or higher on the UK Singles Chart. Yeah that’s right, almost half of his songs are in the top twelve on the singles chart with four charting fifth or above. The man makes hits, plain and simple.

Reppin: Peckham, London, England
Albums: Walk In Da Park, Let Em Ave It
Top 5 Records: Look What the Cat Dragged In, Don’t Go There (feat. B.o.B), Slow Songs (feat. Mike Skinner), Monsta Man, Look Over Your Shoulder (feat. Example)
Now some of you probably won’t like Giggs, he is the UK version of Shyne. I personally like Shyne, his deep voice and slow flow just appeal to me; I have no idea why though. Well if you hate Shyne, at least give Giggs a chance and watch the video below. If you don’t like it then fine, at least you tried. On the other hand, Giggs is huge in England, possibly one of the biggest raps stars in the game today. His two albums of both been well recieved by critics and fans alike, despite the lower album sales. Perhaps the most underground of all the rappers on the list, Giggs will continue on his grind no matter what.

Reppin’: Tottenham, London, England
Albums: I Am Chipmunk, Transition
Top 5 Records: Champion (Remix) [feat. Chris Brown & J. Cole], Flying High, In the Air (feat. Keri Hilson), Foul, Transition
If you just looked at the Top 5 Records above you would have thought Chipmunk was an American artists. He does collaborate with a lot of US people as he even has more collabos with Trey Songz and Kaleena of Diddy – Dirty Money. Even though his name is Chipmunk, don’t take him lightly. My favorite track from the UK emcee is actually Flying High but I’m going to let you check out the Champion Remix with J. Cole below. But if you’re interested you can click here for Flying High. Despite probably being the most criticized on this list probably, you can’t deny the success that Chipmunk has had in his career.

Professor Green
Reppin’: Hackney, London, England
Albums: Alive Till I’m Dead, At Your Inconvenience
Top 5 Records: Jungle (feat. Maverick Sabre), Falling Down, Down For You, I Need You Tonight (feat. Ed Drewett), Upper Clapton Dance (feat. Chynaman & C.O.R.E.)
Without a doubt, Professor Green is my favorite emcee on this list and he’s probably in my Top 25 Favorite Artists Today (look for a full Artist On the Rise soon). I gotta admit it, white rappers are killing everything these days. I first stumbled across him about half a year ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. His debut album, Alive Till I’m Dead, was actually one of my favorites of 2010 and it has great records from front to back. His sophomore effort, At Your Inconvenience comes out October 28 and I am completely pumped for it (expect a review on it). If his second album is near as good as his first, then everyone is in for possibly one of the best foreign efforts of the year.

Sway DaSafo
Reppin’: Hornsey, London, England
Albums: This Is My Demo, The Signature LP
Top 5 Records: Fit 4 a King, Little Derek, Silver & Gold (feat. Akon), Every Man for Himself (feat. Mr Hudson), Up Your Speed, Pt. II (feat. Chamillionaire)
I’m guessing you’ve heard this name before and didn’t even realize it. Well, Sway was featured on the Lupe Fiasco track Break the Chain off Lasers. And his verse off said track was off the chain, pun intended. I’m going to call Sway the savvy vet out of the group, despite only releasing two albums. While he doesn’t use it all the time, Sway has a rapid fire flow he can pull out of his hat. I don’t think this comes a surprise but since he’s as a veteran, he probably the most underrated out of this group. If I were to compare him to someone in the US, he would be a mix between Lupe Fiasco and Freeway. Last time I checked, those were two amazing artists to be compared to.

Tinchy Stryder
Reppin’: Bow, London, England
Albums: Star In the Hood, Catch 22, Third Strike
Top 5 Records: Game Over (feat. Giggs, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example & Chipmunk), Second Chance (feat. Taio Cruz), Take Me Back (feat. Taio Cruz), Number One (feat. N-Dubz), Never Leave You (feat. Amelle Berrabah)
Perhaps one of the more pop oriented artists on this list, Tinchy can still spit mean verses. My favorite track from him by far is Game Over which features the biggest names in all of UK rap. If you want a great overview of all artists, then just peep the video below. It’s got a sick, deep bass filled banger of a beat and everyone then goes in over it. If you can also tell from above, Tinchy Stryder is a frequent collaborator with fellow English artist Taio Cruz, who has been a smash state side. With the success that he has achieved in England, don’t be surprised if he has a smash hit over here in the US soon.

Other buzzing UK artists include:
Dizzee Rascal
K. Koke
Wretch 32

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