What we learned from Week 1

Posted: September 12, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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That’s right guys, we are back to football! That means everything that we love about it; Monday Night Football, The Hard Hits, etc. Here is my take on week 1 (keep in mind that once this is posted 15/16 games will be completed) and it was a great one…no doubt in my mind.

(3) Teams on the Rise

Carolina Panthers – The formula for their success yesterday was simple, LET CAMERON ‘Scam’ NEWTON GO TO WORK. The only rookie ever in his debut to throw for over 400 yards (tied the rookie record for passing yards). Two elite Tight Ends and a rejuvenated Steve Smith spell success for the Panthers…who knows, maybe even a playoff push!

Detroit Lions – If Matthew Stafford is healthy this team is undoubtedly a NFC wild-card team for me. Megatron is healthy, Stafford loves to spread the ball around, and if Jahvid Best can get the gears grinding this is a dangerous team.

Miami Dolphins – This is a close but as I’m watching this game the Dolphins are looking so much better than they did last year. On some days the Dolphins had trouble moving the ball but Bush and Henne have a lot to lose and they are certainly playing (as of the end of the first quarter) like they can hang with the Patriots. Umm, let me say that again for emphasis: THE PATRIOTS.

(3) Teams on the Decline

Pittsburgh Steelers – Well there is no doubt that age has caught up with these Steelers, and I believe that Big Ben is going to have quite a difficult time getting his team to the Playoffs this season.

Kansas City Chiefs – Last year was somewhat of a quirk and the Chiefs (now with Eric Berry out for the season) have zero chance of competing for a playoff spot. They might contend to be the worst team in the NFL this season quite honestly.

Indianapolis Colts – You really see now how good Peyton Manning was, this is the talent they have without him and they were still able to make the playoffs. Now that he’s out for at least half a season, and the Texans are going to walk into the NFL Playoffs.

A word on how 9-11 affected Week 1 (SNF) – Last night was clearly something special that you never get to see; a city remembered its darkest day and channeled all that emotion into helping the Jets secure their first victory. Dallas put up a good fight, and it seemed like they were going to walk away with the W but – just like New York showed after 9-11 – there is no give in that city. My heart goes out to the families that were affected by this tragedy and I think we can all say for once – unless you are a Dallas fan – that we all went for the guys in green.

Week 2’s Best Game – Philadelphia vs. Atlanta (Sunday Night Football) – Now I understand why TV likes to put these type of games in primetime. Vick going back to Atlanta (possibly better than ever), the nation gets to see the dubbed ‘Dream Team’ for the first time on National TV (not just regional), and Atlanta has a must win because of their embarrassing loss to Chicago at Soldier Field. I will be waiting for Sunday Night next Sunday because it is going to be, possibly a matchup for the ages, but I guarantee it won’t equate the emotion of the Jets/Dallas game on Week 1.

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