Why Brian Kelly will soon be out and Brady Hoke is here stay

Posted: September 11, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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Week Two brought great games, a greater sense of who is over and under rated, and … which coaches are on the hot-seat? This Saturday’s late night game feature two teams that had polar-opposite results following week one; Michigan and Notre Dame fought out a thriller. The only similarity between the two teams on week one is that they each had a new coach. Brady Hoke, new University of Michigan Head Coach, and Brian Kelly, new University of Notre Dame Head Coach, each had somewhat of a rare experience on week one, however, their week two match-up did not disappoint – a Michigan comeback for the ages. In fact, I was focused for most of the game on these coaches, their different styles, and how they carry themselves; each of these factors lead me to believe that Brady Hoke may be at Michigan for quite a while and Brian Kelly may be out of a job before the end of next year.

Let’s start with the bad news, Brian Kelly – despite signing a five-year contract with Notre Dame – will be out of a job in the next year or two. I know it sounds like quite a bold prediction but just check the facts. Notre Dame is the epitome of a winning tradition, and with two early losses Brian Kelly is not measuring up. He really came down on some of his players in last weeks disappointing rain-delay loss to USF and even though he claimed that he had made a mistake … I really did not see any attitude improvement from him. A coach is one who should nurture his kids while teaching them about the game, not inserting himself into the game. Last time I checked if you have cameras on you for the whole game just in case you do something stupid then you are obviously no better than the college-egos that you may coach. I see ND possibly getting 7 wins this season, but this number is nowhere near what this program was hoping Kelly would put up. They’ve got Michigan State next weekend … not going to get much easier from here on out.

On the flip side here’s Brady Hoke, a composed ex- San Diego State that is brutally honest with his players but loves them to death. He is one of those quite likeable guys that will always shield his players, and refer to any problems as a team issue. They do have a lot to work but the comeback tonight was unbelievable, and it would be an understatement to say that the first ever night game at the Big House was quite a success. Hoke is loved by the fans and, more importantly, his players; if he keeps this type of streak up then his job is certainly 100% safe. (AND THIS IS COMING FROM AN OHIO STATE FAN, I KNOW) I just know a good person and a good coach when I see one and Brady Hoke fits the description with perfection.

  1. Biqq Pete says:

    that game might just end up being game of the year

  2. Mounty in NC says:

    Kelly’s job is safe for the season. He might be on the hot seat but not to the point where his job is in jeopardy. I am a Michigan fan (and a WVU fan) but I also think Kelly is a very good coach. ND should have won that game. Rees is a very young QB and made a couple of big mistakes like throwing into triple coverage in the red zone. This is only his 5th start and he will get better as the season moves along. Mich also got very lucky on 3 or their 4 TD passes as DRob no only under threw his receiver but he hung the ball up. The defenders made very poor adjustment on those passes. What should of happened is what happened with 5min to go in the game when ND came up with the INT.

    The rest of the season will be very interesting for both teams. I see Michigan losing to State, Nebraska, Iowa, and unfortunately OSU. The NW and ILL are pushes (with a loss to one of them). ND is going to start out 0-3 with a loss to State. Stanford will be a loss as well. The Pitt and USC games are pushes. I’m not sure about MD, BC, or Navy…should know more about them after next week

  3. […] Denard Robinson is playing lights out, and a 3-0 signifies a good season ahead for the Wolverines. Brady Hoke is the coach that this program has been looking for ever since Lloyd Carr and Michigan parted ways, […]

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