5 Reasons Why We Love NFL Football

Posted: September 8, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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Despite everything that happened this summer with the Lockout, in which players could not interact with owners nor go workout at team facilities, we have arrived at this point: FOOTBALL IS BACK. This might as well be a historic day because this is the first game that will be played knowing that the NFLPA and the Owners have achieved 10 years of Labor Peace – in our words we do not have to hear about this crap for another 10 seasons! So, kick-back, tune into NBC at 8:30, and enjoy the start of the season; not to even mention the fact that this Sunday is going to be one of the most emotional days of football in a while (the ten-year anniversary of 9/11). All I can think of is the slogan that NFL.com recently adopted, “It’s good to be back, back to football.” Here are the top-5 reasons why we love NFL Football.

1 – Monday Night – A catchy jingle, a new song every week by Hank Williams Jr., and a launch; Monday Night Football, the only reason that Monday is okay. The Monday Night Countdown is just as good as Sunday NFL Countdown – another good candidate for why we love the NFL – so pretty much you have great coverage going on from 7 pm – 11 30 pm. I live for Monday Night.

2 – The Personalities – I mean who doesn’t love hearing about Chad Ochocinco’s Touchdown Celebration of the week, Desean Jackson’s Highlight Punt Return, and James Harrison’s big-time hit on some QB in which he gets fined $50,000. There are so many characters in the NFL that make it so fun to watch; the personalities are endless.

3 – Fantasy Football – Everybody loves competition, and it only makes it better when you have a chance to grab bragging rights for the whole week or – if you are fortunate – a whole year with your buddies. Fantasy is especially great if you do not really have a team because it gives you players to root for every week. And who does not like starting off their weeks with a Fantasy W?

4 – The Unknown Deep-Sleeper – You know that Arian Foster guy? That Brandon Lloyd? Well these guys make the NFL so exciting because you never know who is going to perform 100 times better than everybody thought. This guys Fantasy stock shoots way up and may win you your League Championship, he also is usually enthralling to watch and a pleasant surprise to his fans once he goes off.

5 – Holiday Football – I can honestly say that nothing beats sitting around in a dark room, with the family, eating leftovers (from Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve Dinner), and watching two NFL teams go at it. It’s part of the holiday spirit, good tidings and football!!

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