Wednesday Night Shuffle

Posted: September 7, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Music, Wednesday Night Shuffle
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It’s time for the sixth edition of Wednesday Night Shuffle! If you aren’t familiar, then here’s the deal: I’m going to select five different tracks that have been on rotation the most during the past week. They can be new, old, rap, rock, pop, whatever. I’ll talk a little about each track and give you a stream, download, ect. It’s just going to be about good music. So without further adieu hit the jump for the sixth edition of Wednesday Night Shuffle and be on the lookout for them every Wednesday night!

Mike Stud – Back Again (feat. Huey Mack & Rich Young)
I can’t believe I didn’t think of this track earlier with school starting back up and everything, this is the perfect song for that. While I’m not normally a fan of Mike Stud, this track goes. It has a sick beat, catchy as hell chorus, solid verses from Mike and a dope verse from ESP favorite Huey Mack (who is actually making his fourth appearance on WNS). If you’re not vibing with this track then something is wrong with you. So turn it up, enjoy syllabus week and jam out!

Machine Gun Kelly – Wildboy (feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
Wow is this a banger. Another ESP favorite, MGK, dropped this off late last week and it is being used as a promo single. Let me say this, I normally hate Waka Flocka and I was really disappointed that MGK decided to work with him. I also don’t like his verse in this track, it fits his style perfectly. So it looks like I’ll just be skipping over that part, but other than that this is classic MGK.

Witness – Love With Love
My guess is you’ve seen this commercial by now. Bet you didn’t know that guys actually makes music. While I hated that ad, I couldn’t stand anything about it, this track is completely dope. It has a calm, smooth, laid back beat that sounds like it should be played on cold winter days. Witness adds some nice rapping and vocals over the track and it makes for a record that will be on repeat for a long time to come.

Thee Tom Hardy – Always In Command
Thee Tom Hardy is an up and coming, white emcee from the Durham, NC area. He is affiliated with 9th Wonder (fellow NC producer) and boy do those two make good music. This is my favorite Tom Hardy track as it show off everything he is capable of. Over a sick 9th beat, Tom showcases his sick flow and drops lines such as “we run routes, no walking like Stephen Hawking” and “I’m the truth, no need to polygraph it”. Definitely stream this track from one of the brightest artists from the great state of NC.

Tarik – Weatherman
I’ll admit it, this is the only track I’ve ever heard from Tarik. But this record leaves me wanting more, a lot more. The hook has a sample similar to Mr. Carter by Lil Wayne and once the beat drops you’ll be hook. Tarik has a sick flow and he proves it here, but he doesn’t sacrifice lyrical content for flow one bit. This track has been stuck in my head for what seems like forever. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

XV – BITSTU Freestyle
Vizzy recently dropped of this track after a long absences from releasing new music. But this got everyone back up and hyped for more music from the Squarian. XV also might have one of my favorite lines of the year in “hard in the paint, that’s a Van Gogh erection”. The first time I heard that, I just paused the music and laughed to myself, what a genius the kid with the green backpack is behind the mic.

  1. Biqq Pete says:

    LACE UP!!!

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