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Posted: September 7, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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Courtesy of muzicmunchies.com

So recently I have been hit up by some local people, and by local I mean in the Chapel Hill area, who showed me some crazy new music. Most of you probably know who these people are, all you have to do is check below for their music and be sure to support them with their future efforts. So without further adieu, hit the jump and support up and coming local talent!

The first of these artists goes by the name of Ibai Pryor aka Zoomo. Ibai, actually I’ll refeer to him as Zoomo makes beats, and crazy beats at that. They really remind me of a Wu-Tang-ish, throwback, classic 90’s feel with a little Taylor Gang twist. I highly suggest you check out the best, they all bang and make your head nod.
Dable Edge

Wicked Souls

Check out all of them (there’s 30) on his SoundCloud page
If you’re an up and coming artist and actually want to work with him, you can contact Ibai at ibaipryor@hotmail.com

DJ KSwiss
And next up we have DJ KSwiss aka Kieran Sweeney. He attends East Chapel Hill High School and what I can say is that this man makes dope mixes. Dubstep, electro, techno, hip-hop, pop, everything you can think of (that’s good). Even though the first mix is thirty seven minutes long, I highly recommend you sit down and listen to the whole thing. Or even better put it on while you’re working out or doing exercise, it’ll get you pumped.
Dirty Elektro M!x

No Replay (Kyro Mashup)

Check out his SoundCloud page
You can also contact DJ KSwiss at kieran185@gmail.com

And that wraps that up, but if you’re interested in getting into contact with me for music submission or anything like that, here’s the links:
Facebook Page
The Eastside Perpsective Fan Page
Follow me on Twitter (@eptarheels23)

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