Artist On the Rise: Sinatti Pop

Posted: September 5, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music, Music Submission
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And we have another music submission from up and coming emcee Sinatti Pop today. Sinatti is starting make it big, just wait till you see who he has opened for in concerts. If I were to compare his style to someone, it would almost be a slowed down, less southern version of Yelawolf. So make no mistake about it, this man is going to come hard on each and every track. Sinatti Pop is from Pennsylvania, which slowly turning out to be one of the best states for hip-hop in the country. So hit the jump to see if Sinatti Pop could be the the next big thing out of the state of PA!

Sinatti is from Pottstown, Pennsylvania to be exact, no idea where that is in PA though. He started rapping at an early age, fine tuning his craft while working with The High Street Music Company. While working there, he learned the ins and outs of production and engineering. After finishing several mixtapes, Sinatti hit the road and showed off his music. While performing in New York, Philadelphia, and D.C., Sinatti Pop’s fan base continued to grow. Not only did he get the attention of fans, but also multiple national acts. Like I said above he has opened for big time acts, such as Nas, Fabolous, Young Gunz, Donnie Klang, Trav and many more. Now the reason why he has opened for such huge acts, his music. Sinatti’s debut album, titled The Making Of… (btw it has a downright sick cover) was released back in April to a great reception from the fans and critics alike. The tape had many standout track such as Know About, Love Someone, Hometown, Remember Me, Popular, Next to Me and Girls of Summer. I realize that’s a lot of songs, but all of them have been on repeat ever since I was first dropped the email. The best track is probably Popular which is a great track for you to get familiarized with Sinatti. Over an up-tempo, popish beat, Sinatti Pop shows off his nasty flow. Another favorite of mine is Hometown, which yes you guessed it has a sample of Adele’s Hometown. There have been a ton of remakes of Adele’s song and while Big K.R.I.T.’s is the best by far, Sinatti does well to show of his more emotional side on the record.

I suggest you get real familiar with Sinatti Pop before it’s too late. The man has talents and that’s apparent in his music. His records has a point behind them, it’s not just mindless yapping over a hot beat. They mean something. He has a sick flow, dope lyrics and nasty beat, not sure what else you could even want in a single artist. Nothing more needs to be said except, click that download button.

Download: Sinatti Pop – The Making Of…

Sinatti Pop’s Facebook Fan Page
Sinatti Pop’s SoundCloud Page
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Sinatti Pop Official Website

Sinatti Pop – Popular

Sinatti Pop – Hometown (feat. Adele)

Sinatti Pop – Know About (feat. Dre Skuffs)

Sinatti Pop – Love Someone

Sinatti Pop – Girls of Summer (feat. YONAS)

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