Artist On the Rise: Marty

Posted: September 3, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music, Music Submission
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Today we have another submission (if you’re interested send them to from an up and coming artist by the name of Martin Angus aka Marty. He is an emcee from New Jersey who has everything you want in an artist, the flow, the lyricism, the swagger and presence behind the mic. He is really just starting off and he deserves a lot more recognition than he is getting for his talents. So hit the jump for everything you need to know on Marty and be able to say you were one of the first hear from the New Jersey emcee before he blew up!

Martin Angus is from Central New Jersey. Marty was born on May 10, 1988 to Martin Sr. and Enid Angus who migrated from Jamaica to the states in the late 70s. He grew up in Union, New Jersey until the tender age of 7 when his parents went their separate ways and his mother moved him and his two sisters to the middle class suburbs of Franklin, New Jersey where he graduated from Franklin High School in 2006. He went on to pursue business at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. Marty attended the school on a soccer scholarship but soon quit the team in order to find time to pursue his true passion, music. In 2011, Marty began working with Universal Recording Artists Dev, The Cataracs and Jason DeRulo and songwriting for them. Those are some seriously big names in music and I congratulate Marty for being able to work with them. Well it’s time to get down to the music. Marty plans on releasing his debut project, The 25th Hour: Hut One real soon (September or October) and I can not wait for that to drop. Peep the trailer below. The snippet of the track in there might actually be the my favorite Marty song to date. His flow is downright insane and the hook is infectious, I need the full record of it now.

One of the first tracks from Marty is an unreal track called, I Am where he goes in over a throwback, old school, soul beat. The next is called The Greater Good where Marty raps over a beat that sounds like it was meant for A Tribe Called Quest. This track displays his sick flow and he has the lyrics to go along with it, dope listen. Next up is possibly Marty’s best pieve of work so far, Break Free. The beat is once again a throwback jam that slowly builds up momentum throughout the course of the song, throw in the usual monster behind the mic and you get a great record. Flawless has Marty spitting over a very simplistic, smooth beat and it just has him speaking the truth, nothing more nothing less. Lastly we have a song titled The Fixx once again has Marty spitting fire with his killer flow + lyrics over a nasty XX beat. From what I have heard so far from Marty, I am extremely impressed and you should be too. He has a crazy flow, solid lyricism, sick beats, what else could you ask for? Expect an album review of The 25th Hour: Hut One when it finally drops and until then check out the Marty tracks below!

Marty’s Facebook Fan Page
Marty’s SoundCloud Page
Marty’s YouTube Page
Follow Marty on Twitter

Marty – I Am

Marty – The Greater Good

Marty – Break Free

Marty – Flawless

Marty – The Fixx

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