Tressel going to the Big Leagues

Posted: September 2, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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Today, around 3:32 PM, I looked down at my phone like I would any time it buzzes signifying a text message. However, this was a bit different than your average text because it was about where Jim Tressel – a man who had seemed to be off the grid for the past couple months – was headed. Tressel resigned at Ohio State on May 30th of this year following an allegation then investigation that turned up evidence which proved his players had received improper benefits. Also, Tressel allegedly failed to notify the school’s compliance department after he had gotten word of these happenings. For this reason I thought he would be away from the game for a long time; until today when Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell announced that Tressel would assume a game-day consultant role.

I think this is a good step for Tressel because he is not assuming any major role in which he may receive serious scrutiny, but he is inching back to football. The candid news I recieved on my phone had me double-take because I usually recieve less important texts, but I got to thinking. Should Roger Goodell suspend Jim Tressel like he did Terrelle Pryor? And I’m sure the Colts will welcome ‘Sweatervest’ into their organization with open arms (THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FANS) but will the rest of the NFL fans, teams, and owners alike be a little disgruntled to hear the news?

The answer to question one: YES. I mean come on now guys, it’s very simple. If you sentence Terrelle Pryor to a 5-game suspension then Jim Tressel definitely deserves a ‘time-out’ – of sorts. The tricky part, however, is that Roger Goodell may find himself walking into some controversial waters because if he gives Tressel the sentence he had self-imposed on himself for this upcoming season (3-games) then many may be in disagreeance…saying that he deserves a harsher sentence.

The answer to questions two: I don’t know. I mean they certainly have a right to be, especially those that are hard core NFL fans and not so big on the College Football scene. They may feel it to be unfair that Tressel’s scandal is being carried over to the NFL but sometimes thats just the way life goes. I mean this blogger says cut the guy some slack, he obviously went out contused at Ohio State – metaphorically speaking of course – so he deserves to start anew…give him some time. And maybe, hopefully too, someday he will assume another major coaching position – College or NFL – and be equally as successful as he was during his tenure with Ohio State. To be continued..

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