Artist On the Rise: Troll Toll

Posted: September 1, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music, Music Submission
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DC (left), Biggame (middle), TraV (right, btw I want that shirt)

I’m now finally getting around to checking out the music submissions as I have been very busy lately. So you can expect a couple of these coming to you in the next few days. With that being said if you want to submit music, you can send it to With me sifting through the submissions, this was definitely one of the best. Troll Toll is an upcoming is an upcoming hip-hop group with an indie/alternative twist to them. They have sick emcees and crazy producers, last time I checked that makes for some dope ass music. So hit the jump and see why Troll Toll is making a footprint in the music game today!

I don’t think I’m able to explain who the group is better than Troll Toll themselves, so:

“Troll Toll consists of three University of Pittsburgh students TraV, DC, and Biggame (pronounced Big-Game) and one Temple student Matt Abel. TraV and Biggame will be Sophomores this upcoming fall and DC will be a Junior. Matt Abel will be a Sophomore this upcoming fall and currently is majoring in Audio Engineering at Temple. The members of Troll Toll have been rapping together since the beginning of this year, putting in work in their music while at the same time staying focused on school. So far this year, Troll Toll has done shows with School of Swag for the Hip-Hop Universe show which featured the headliner Niv, another local upcoming Pittsburgh artist. Other notable upcoming artists that performed in this show were University of Pittsburgh’s own Chyron and Pittsburgh natives Crystal Seth and Optimus High. Also, Troll Toll opened up a show with School of Swag for the Pittsburgh hip hop group Formula 412. On April 28th, Troll Toll released their first ever mixtape titled Star Slingin’ In a Bright City which was a tribute mixtape to the talented UK producer Star Slinger, using his unique, different beats to make dope music. Troll Toll is a unique group with a different style that will only keep on progressing! Troll Toll has a different style and does not try to emulate any other rappers of this day. We only rap about what we know and do not try to fabricate or put on a facade of things we aren’t living. The first mixtape was to show off our lyrical abilities but this summer we were working on our first original project titled Chillin In the Keebler Treehouse which will feature all original production by Matt Abel and some original beats from Professor, and Biggame. Troll Toll is an upcoming group that is trying to leave its own footprint on the game today.”

Now that they explained themselves, I’ll let you know what I think of the collective. And what I think is that this group is downright sick. Everything from the production to the actual rapping ability is dope. I highly recommend you download their first tape and I am looking forward to their new one a lot. The only thing I can hope for is that this post gives the group the more shine that they deserve. Check the tracks below for my favorites, all of them have been on heavy rotation recently.

Download: Troll Toll – Star Slingin’ In a Bright City
Troll Toll SoundCloud Page
Troll Toll HotNewHipHop Page
Troll Toll Facebook Fan Page
Follow On Twitter: Trav @trolltolltrav, DC @derrickaaron, Biggame @theaudioduck, Troll Toll @trolltollmusic

Troll Toll recently began #TrollTollTuesdays, every Tuesday they drop a song as a promotion for the next mixtape Building the Keebler Treehouse you can check out all releases on their FB page or here

Troll Toll – Finally Moving On

Troll Toll – Damn Kids (feat. McL of School of Swag)

Troll Toll – Crowd

Troll Toll – Letter to the Fans

Troll Toll – Strange Times (feat. Professor)

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