If you can’t name off who’s across the top there from left to right and consider yourself an OFWGKTA fan then leave this post immediately. Are they gone yet? Okay now that we got all of that out of the way it’s time to get down to business. What I mean by that is in light of Tyler’s recent victory at the VMA‘s (congratulations Tyler, you deserve every bit of it), it seems like every single person is now hopping on the Odd Future bandwagon. But it’s not like people weren’t doing it before it to. It is ridiculous how many people are claiming to be OFWGKTA fans and can tell you so little about the actually group or any of its members that you would of thought they had heard of them two minutes ago. True fans, you know what I’m talking about.

Before I actually get into this, I’ll tell you my feelings on the group. I’m not going to front and act like I was listening to them ever since they first dropped The Odd Future Tape back in 2008, but I have been following since Tyler released Bastard in late 2009. I have been hooked ever since, what can I say? Tyler The Creator is not my favorite person out of the group though, I’ll give the nod to Frank Ocean. I’m not even sure Frank Ocean counts really. He sticks out of the group like a dwarf among midgets, his style is a complete 180. I mean just listen to nostalgia, ULTRA and tell me it’s like any other Odd Future release, you can’t. Well if I were to choose my favorite emcee out of the group, I’d have to go with Hodgy Beats. His flow is insane and he attacks every track with a passion that makes him stick out. After Hodgy, I’d say Tyler. I don’t really think I need to go into an explanation about Tyler, you should know it already. Following Tyler there is Earl Sweatshirt. I’m not going to get into why he’s gone (FREE EARL), there’s been a lot of rumors, but I thought his first project was crazy. If he came back it would just take the group to the next level with another extremely talented emcee. Next it drops off a little, but Domo Genesis and Mike G are dope too. Sidenote: Domo Genesis aka the first person with an album titled Rolling Papers, not Wiz Khalifa. Another thing is that I wish Casey Veggies had stayed in OFWGKTA, he’s sick as hell and it would have given him the publicity that he needs to take off.

Courtesy of theartisticreation.com

Okay now we get to what matters. Now hear me out before this next sentence; I am a huge Odd Future fan, but there is a limit. There are quite a few people out there who are huge dick riders and think that OF can’t do anything wrong at all. One last reminder that I’m a huge follower of Odd Future. They can do wrong, trust me. Goblin was an example of that; while it was a solid album, it was a bit of a disappointment. If this is the first time you’re hearing this, well then I’m sorry you had to hear it like this. But it’s the truth. Now on to the fact that every person is now claiming to be part of their following. Yes you can be a fan and like their music, but then don’t claim to know everything and be a hardcore follower. It’s pissing us off. OF reminds me of Wiz Khalifa in a way, not in terms of music but the way they’re blowing up.

Wiz blew up (exploded more like it) with the release of Black & Yellow and then it seemed like every other persons status was TGOD! or something along those lines. But all the diehard fans have been following Wiz since Prince of the City or a little later. When Black & Yellow dropped, everyone jumped on his back (I don’t even like that record very much, it’s just catchy). Let me give you an example, this is a conversation between my sister and I (she’s first, I’m second speaking): “Wiz Khalifa is the best rapper ever!” “What songs do you even know by him?” “uhhhh Black & Yellow and uhhhh…..” “yeah that’s what I thought” *five minutes later* “Oh yeah! Roll Up!”. The same thing is happening with Odd Future, every single person is now starting to say they are diehards of the OF crew.

Courtesy of billboard.com

Now don’t take this article the wrong way, I love that Odd Future fans are growing by the hour, but I can’t take all these fakes. If I ask you a simple a question as like “what does OFWGKTA?” stand for, then you need to be able to answer. There are an insane amount of people jumping on the bandwagon and let me tell you that’s it’s pretty full.

P.S. Anyone else see Jasper Dolphin at the VMA‘s dancing behind Nicki Minaj while she was making her acceptance speech? S**t was hilarious.

  1. Biqq Pete says:

    not me

  2. secretcastle says:

    Sick post, nice views on this shit.

  3. […] of Hopsin series last month, he caught everyone’s attention by dissing Tyler, the Creator. While I am a huge fan of the Odd Future group, I found the diss creative and amusing. Oh and that’s not the only shots he taken, just wait. […]

  4. […] of Hopsin series last month, he caught everyone’s attention by dissing Tyler, the Creator. While I am a huge fan of the Odd Future group, I found the diss creative and amusing. Oh and that’s not the only shots he taken, just wait. […]

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