5 Reasons Why We Love College Football

Posted: August 31, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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There is only one reason any sports fans would look forward to the start of the fall and the end of the summer, it’s an eight letter word that signifies love, passion, and the gridiron: Football. The College Football Season is starting this Saturday and many of the sports world is going to reunite with their Saturday Sweetheart: the television! Here are the top 5 reasons why any College Football Fan loves Saturday and 5 reasons to get excited for the 3rd.

1 – The Classic Primetime Upset – Let me tell you something, a small number of moments surpass that of seeing a huge underdog defeat a top-tier team under the lights on Saturday Night. Moments that come to mind are Texas Tech over Texas 2008 and Wisconsin toppling Ohio State last season. Expectations are high and everyone is watching; it’s a recipe for a classic.

2 – College Gameday – Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler, Crazy and Comical Signs, Great Exclusives, and – my personal favorite – HEADGEAR! No doubt that this is definitely a great way to get your Saturday morning kicked off at 10 am or at least tune in around noon when Corso makes his selection. Spoiler Alert – the crowd either cheers a deafening roar or boos the hell out of him, but he doesn’t care. Bottom-line…it’s great.

3 – The Fact that it is College – It’s unavoidable that the previous few months have been ugly amidst all the scandal involving players, coaches, and programs. We used to say that College Football is better because they compete every week for the love of the game and not money. However, it’s clear that the atmosphere is second to none, a college atmosphere – honestly basketball or football…it does not matter – far exceeds what you may believe to be an ear-piercing roar and actually becomes part of the game. Loud does an injustice when describing – for example – Death Valley/Beaver Stadium (106,000+) during a white-out in a game that will ultimately decide the Big-Ten Champion.

4 – The Crazy Fans – As alluded to above, the fans set up the Atmosphere that allows for the moment to be so memorable. You’ve got student sections, white/black/whatever – outs, pom poms, and vivacious mascots; they all add up to be something special.

5 – College Rivalries – Finally nothing beats the end of the year around Thanksgiving when the NFL season is in full swing and College Football is at it’s finest. Ohio State v. Michigan, Auburn v. Arkansas, Army v. Navy, Yale v. Harvard…the list goes on and on. The history behind each and every football rivalry makes them so fun to watch, past moments that caused the rivalry to happen are each a detail that help in shaping it. Rivalries far exceed your average game because the importance does not lie in your physical stature at the beginning of the game, it lies in your mental composure once the climax of the game is reached.

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  1. waynebradley says:

    Auburn vs. Arkansas? Did you mean Auburn vs. Alabama or LSU vs. Arkansas?

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