Artist On the Rise: Action Bronson

Posted: August 30, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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I was thinking the other day about how many NYC artists I have done in the Artist On the Rise series. Out of the almost thirty I’ve done, there have been a total of two (Emilio Rojas and Das Racist). Upon more thinking I realized I needed someone who had that classic, gritty, underground sound to them, and oh boy do I have the perfect guy in mind. Enter William Jackson aka Action Bronson. I have barely spoken about Bronson before and it’s time he got more love here. Like many of the Queens rappers before him, he too has an ear for hot beats and witty wordplay. Let me just say that this man can rap his ass off and is starting to make a name for himself among hip-hop heads.

When speaking about Action Bronson two things are inevitably going to come up: 1) he sounds a hell of a lot like Ghostface Killah (and I mean a lot like) and 2) he loves food. If you can’t tell from the picture, Bronson is on the thicker side, but that’s not what I totally mean by he loves food. He studied at the Art Institute of New York City’s culinary program before working at innumerable steakhouses, a vegetarian restaurant in downtown Manhattan – and Citi Field, where he helped prepare post-game meals for the Mets. If you listen to his music you will find mentions of food everywhere, everything from smoked briskets to duck prosciutto to other delicacies. Action Bronson loves rapping about food as much as Pusha T loves rapping about cocaine or Lil Wayne rapping about getting blowjobs. Back to Ghostface, Bronson has that same high-pitched, urgent delivery that the Wu-Tang emcee is known for. However Bronson lacks the vivid, violent, emotional storytelling that Ghostface does all the time. That doesn’t make him a worse artist though, he’s different. Yes, Bronson sounds a lot like Ghostface but the two are different artists. Ghostface is a legend and Bronson is a newcomer, he is his own man. With all that aside it’s time to get down to the music. His studio debut album, titled Dr. Lecter, was released back in March to much acclaim from fans and critics alike. It was praised for being a rock solid, fun, classic New York rap album that relived the cities good old days. Bronson never says that this album is the triumphant return of NY rap, yet it has been looked upon as that. He never says he is the savior of anything, yet he has been called that. The man just drops punchlines and gritty verses.

Dr. Lecter reminds me of last years great, yet underrated, effort from fellow NYC spitter Roc Marcarino, Marcberg. As a sidenote: Bronson, Marcarino, we need a collabo, like now. Back to Bronson, his debut album was such a breathe of fresh air in the game. Bronson attacks every one of his tracks, delivering quick bursts of streetcorner s**t-talk, almost seemingly having too much. Bronson doesn’t do anything new, he just does a long established style very, very well.

Download: Action Bronson – Dr. Lecter

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