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Posted: August 29, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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I know I’ve briefly spoken about Macklemore before, but it’s time the you got formally introduced the Seattle emcee. The man has a downright sick flow and the lyrical content to go along with it. In addition he has been through a lot and it shows in his music. It’s full of lush production and outstanding lyrics, throw in his flow and knowledge of music in general and you have a monster of an emcee. So check below to see what makes Macklemore the great musician that he is.

As I said above Macklemore is from Seattle and he reps it to the fullest, almost in the same lane as MGK and Cleveland. Well back in 2000, Macklemore (then Professor Macklemore) released an EP titled Open Your Eyes and distributed it himself. After dropping the “Professor” from his name, Macklemore released his first official full-length album, The Language of My World in 2005. He then went on to struggle with substance abuse for many years, before he teamed up with producer Ryan Lewis. Since then he has sobered up and released incredible music to go along with it. He first released The Unplanned Mixtape which has been getting plays on my iPod likes it’s its job. The tape featured many standouts such as The Town, American, And We Danced and Fallin’. The Town is what you can call the Seattle hip-hop anthem; over a laid back, old-school beat Macklemore speaks on the history of Seattle hip-hop.

The next track, American, is absolutely hilarious and you should definitely listen to it. The track has Macklemore acting as a racist, southern American and he says hilarious things all over the song. And We Danced has Macklemore once again switching up his style. This time he has an up-tempo almost dance-ish, electronica song you wouldn’t expect from the Seattle rapper. The project was amazing, but it was just a start for the new Macklemore. His next release was The VS. EP; while it was relatively short, it has some of Macklemore’s best work. And that song that I’m speaking of is Otherside, featuring a sample of the Red Hot Chili Peppers song of the same name. This is one of Macklemore’s deepest pieces of work to date as it deals with his whole substance abuse and everything that went on. This record is one of many that shows how deep Macklemore can get as a musician. One of his more recent release is a song named Wings. If you ever wore a pair of Jordan’s as a kid, you owe it to yourself to listen to this track. This is a classic sneaker anthem from Seattle emcee Mackelmore. I would also highly recommend that you watch the music video as it paints the picture Mackelmore tells with words perfectly. Upon many listens you’ll realize that the song is about more than just shoes. The reason behind the song is to prove a point as to how wrong he was thinking that expensive shoes would make him better, or would make him look cool and amazing. When really those thoughts were all consumerism, and what Nike was and is still trying to project.

With his talent behind the mic and what he’s been through, Macklemore has the drive and devotion to succeed no matter what. It’s remarkable, too, how, despite the experimentation, how accessible the music is. It blows my mind to imagine that the man can go from tracks like American and And We Danced to records like Otherside and The Town in the matter of a few songs. Lots of pretenders exist in the hip-hop game today. Macklemore is not one of them.

Macklemore – Otherside

Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton)

Macklemore – And We Danced

Macklemore – American

Also if you’re a Seattle Mariners fan you are going to want to listen to this:

  1. ec. says:

    ryan lewis beats are sick nasty.

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  3. […] & Ryan Lewis – Make the Money These two just can’t do anything wrong, every track they’ve made has been straight fire. Released today, this is definitely one of […]

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