The Eastside Top Ten: Best of August 2011

Posted: August 28, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports, The Eastside Top Ten
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At the end of every month on the Eastside we take a moment to step back and view the realm of sports as one entity. This Top Ten may include Highlights, Stories, etc., ultimately helping the fan get a feel for what I thought were the best of sports for the month of August 2011.

What can I say about the month of August? We are kicking back into gear with school and sports alike; and football is about to refill our lives. August has seen an unexpected finish to a Major Championship, an eventful NFL pre-season, an escalating MLB playoff race, a lockout seemingly accomplishing nothing, and the return of an ex-golf superstar; definitely a month to remember.

10 – Pete Carroll, ex-Collegiate Program Ruiner and the Seattle Seahawks Head Coach, was in the news just this past week; not for a great job coaching nor a landslide victory, but pulling a prank. Carroll brought a couple of cops into a Team Meeting Session to fake-arrest Seahawk’s Raheem Brock. Through all of our eyes the prank was pretty good, I mean he really had him going; however I could see it if Brock was upset, he did a great job laughing at himself though.


9 – Nate Burleson TD catch was most definitely one of the best thus far in the 2011 NFL Preseason. He barely kept his second foot in while he was in one-on-one coverage, but the best part is not in the video. The best part – that you will not see – is that his Touchdown Celebration resembled the pre-game ethics of one LeBron James as he threw his ‘chalk’ in the air for all the Cleveland fans to see. (Flash Forward to 1:05)


8 – What an unbelievable finish to the Season’s Final Major…Glory’s Last Shot (read more here). The story that captivated us all was rookie Keegan Bradley who beat Jason Dufner in the infamous 3-hole playoff. After a disappointing performance by Tiger Woods and the injury to Rory McIlroy I thought the weekend was going to be a let-down…it wasn’t. My personal favorite was Bradley’s birdie putt on 17, a spark in his triumphant comeback.


7 – Unbelievable goal in the 88th minute, priceless reaction, and in a rivalry game nonetheless. Great goal, fantastic finish, must-see footage.


6 – Hurricane Irene’s late-August arrival has put 29 million people under the gun and shut-down a few of the countries most renown cities including NYC. To add, Irene has forced much of the Sports World to adjust as most teams in its path have either delayed or moved their games that were scheduled for this weekend. Boston, Philadelphia, New York, New England, Baltimore, only to name a few were cities that confronted the storm by adjusting their schedules.


5 – Kevin Durant, backpack extraordinaire and avid NBA-Basketball star, was spotted in New York’s Rucker Park earlier in the month when he dropped 66 points including four straight three-balls. A lot of NBA Stars have popped up across the grid during the Lockout in Pro-Ams and pick-up games alike.


4 – Larry Fitzgerald’s One-Handed Catch only a week ago against the World Champions was next to amazing. If I did not catch it on Sportscenter’s Top Ten Plays then I surely would have thought it to be an incompletion. Now I know why only few have hands like Larry Fitz. (Flash Forward to :57)


3 – This is Ben Revere, Center fielder for the Minnesota Twins, and he makes one hell of a catch. Looking overhead, on the run, and securing the catch at the wall…unbelievable.


2 – Only days ago the Yankees set yet another record for the most Grand Slams in one game by hitting three of them! Curtis Granderson, Robi Cano, and Russell Martin all had a hand in the Yankees crushing blow to the struggling Oakland Athletics.


1 – Number One this month is as simple as this: Football is back. That means hard hits, fierce competition, Fantasy Football, and the Gridiron. The First NFL Sunday of the year is less than two weeks away!


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