Why the NFL Cannot Function without Chad Ochocinco

Posted: August 24, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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Courtesy of reallychill.org

Chad Ochocinco, 33, is currently a New England Patriot; he is likely going to be Tom Brady’s favorite target and he has always been a fan favorite. He is definitely an enjoyable personality that is probably over-discussed but the way he carries himself is not arrogant – it is almost sarcastic to the point that it is very funny. So, you may ask yourself, does the NFL really need a player(s) like Chad Ochocinco to interest fans and attract casual views? The Answer: yes.

Listen, it is not a secret that Chad Ochocinco is the focal point of comedy in the NFL; you would be out of your mind to say that he does not do things that other players consider ‘taboo’ to a certain extent. He’s the only athlete I have ever known to change his surname to his jersey number translated into spanish – I would like to point out that it is not even the right way to say eighty-five (it’s make me laugh even now). He is the only player in the league who would wear a sombrero on the sideline, play putt-putt with the pylon, bribe an official with a dollar bill, or start his own news network – The Ochocinco New Network (OCNN) – to be at media day of the Super Bowl when his team did not qualify.

You can see the man loves to have fun. In a sport with, likely, the most loyal fans (you could argue between the NFL and College Basketball..right Chapel Hill?) I think it’s crucial to give those casual viewers a sense of humor in a very serious league. The same league that fines tens of thousands of dollars for hits or celebrations it’s good to someone who really does not care about the money – he uses his talent to entertain the fans. I do have to say the whole soccer and nascar things were a bit out there but remember that it was during the off-season – a perfect time to do something that you have always wanted without organizational staff or fans getting on your back.

So, to wrap up, Johnson Ochocinco is a luxury that the NFL should be happy to have. Now I get that the NFL would attract probably as many viewers without Ochocinco, but I really think they need a character like him. I, also, get that they must issue fines to some of the things he does because they do break the rules but without him would you have the argument that the abolishment of Endzone Celebrations is complete crap? Would an NFL Player stay in a new city with a random person that has room in their apartment – making sure the host accommodated him with an x-box and wifi? Would an NFL Player have offered to pay the fine of the very person who nailed him in a preseason game because it was a “great” hit – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebacker Mason Foster?

Chad Ochocinco – Love him or Hate him, The NFL needs his personality.

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