Five NFL Players Bound to get Injured in the 2011-2012 Season

Posted: August 22, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports

The NFL Season is just around the corner, and whenever late August approaches we always question which of the guys on our team, our rival’s team, our fantasy team, or our buddy’s fantasy team are going to suffer that crucial season-ending or season-altering injury. Well, I have compiled a list of the guys that are more than likely going to see their way to the bench at one point during the season. They are locks, which means I would suggest staying away from them in your fantasy draft or – if you are a casual fan of one of these players’ teams – then pick a new team!

Peyton Hillis – Hillis had a sensational year last season! He scored, he put up some serious yardage, and he was the only bright light in a very dim Cleveland Browns organization. In fact he became such a fan favorite that he was voted onto the cover of Madden ’11; practically a death sentence amongst great NFL players whom have been chosen to be placed on the cover of the renown video game. So the two reasons that Hillis will get injured: The Madden Curse and The fact that he does not have a great line surrounding him.

Frank Gore – Gore had an off and on start to a disappointing season last year; ending in late November against the Arizona Cardinals. I believe he was projected to end the year in the sixth slot amongst the league’s best backs, and he closed in 21st. Brian Westbrook took over in his absence, and he just fine. I think that Gore takes one hard to the head and is out with a bad concussion for like 2 or 3 weeks – I know that it’s a bold prediction, but just run with it. Gore likes to put his head down and pound ahead for extra yardage…thus the concussion.

Reggie Bush – I mean come on, it does not matter to me that he has ‘taken his talents to South Beach’ he is still going out before the end of the season. Fractured Fibula was the diagnosis for Bush and something like that is bound to happen again. It’s a shame that he had to give up his Heisman, but he sure is not proven his ‘Heisman’ worth in the League. It’s a same, but he is bound to suffer a serious injury nonetheless.

Ed Reed – Yes, the Baltimore safety is back for another season, he is healthy, but I’ll tell you what…he will not be for long. Reed is getting old and I’m sure he will find that he is coming back for the same reason Ray Lewis is back, he wants a ring and then he’ll probably be done. Lewis puts the hurt on anyone that comes his way and, although Reed is a heavy hitter and a constant play-making threat, Reed gets banged up. He’s 32, and the door of Super Bowl opportunity is closing on an aging Ravens D. They do not need Reed to get injured, but it’s going to happen.

Peyton Manning – Neck Surgery and an aging 35-year-old do not add up well. There has been a lot focus around Manning and Jim Irsay’s interesting Twitter account over the past two days. According to them both, Manning may be even questionable for Week 1’s game in Houston. I really believe once he returns he is going to be vulnerable to Injury and taking it a bit further I believe this is going to be the season in which Manning starts his decline.

  1. Heath H. says:

    Bogus, it has been reported that Peyton Hillis Has been one of the best players in Browns camp. I think he will have at least one more healthy year, especially if montonio haresly picks up some slack this year. (spelling is atrocious)

    • mceagle611 says:

      Think about his O line though. Especially when you have hard hitters in the AFC North…Troy Polumalu, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, James Harrison, ray maualuga, etc. I think hes bound for injury this season

  2. Heath H. says:

    I guess we shall see, but I still say if Hillis can take one or two possessions off, I think he will be able to stay healthy. I like the calls though. I think you pinpointed some key players that could either really help their team if they are healthy but could be costly if hurt.

  3. Ryan says:

    I could see you using the madden curse as an excuse but Joe Thomas is a top 3 OT, Alex Mack is on of the best centers in the game and Steinbech is a very good guard

    • mceagle611 says:

      I had Joe Thomas in mind, but Hillis is the only true threat – as of now – that defenses need to worry about. I like Colt McCoy and Robiske but come on..they are raw talent. I think that Hillis is going to get injured…bottom-line. and only time will tell if i’m right

  4. […] expect Hillis to have a big week before he has that season ending injury I talk about in August (here). Proj: 145 total yards, 1 […]

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