The Top 5 Most Famous Sports Divorces

Posted: August 21, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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Divorce (Noun): total separation; disunion: a divorce between thought and action.

I had this idea the other day to create a post of the worst split-ups in Sports history. I’m sure I missed a couple, so please comment below if you can think of any that I wasn’t thinking of. Otherwise enjoy the post as I countdown what I think are the Top Five Sports Divorces. Enjoy.

Honorable MentionRoy Williams Divorces Kansas – Roy Williams made it sound clear that he would not transition to his alma mater, The University of North Carolina, in 2003 after a National Runner-Up in the NCAA tournament with the Kansas Jayhawks. He would go on to accept the North Carolina position, after a 3-point loss in the National Championship, and win the Wooden NCAA National Championship trophy just two years after he accepted the job – in 2005.

5Tiger Woods Divorces Steve Williams – After a long run including 14 Major Championships, 2 Fed-Ex Trophies, 10-time PGA Tour Player of the Year, and 71 Tour Wins, Eldrick Woods decided that it was “time for a change.” The recent switch brought a lot of controversy, it blew up Tiger’s awful PGA Championship performance, and it drew attention far away from Adam Scott’s dominating victory in Akron at the Bridgestone Invitational.

4Kobe Bryant and Lakers Divorce Shaq Diesel – After one hell of a run the Lakers traded Shaq away from the monster duo that was Kobe and Shaq. It’s that type of divorce that the two ex-spouses don’t talk to each other and find it awkward to be around each other..ugly.

3Green Bay Packers Divorce Brett Favre – Brett Favre is one of those guys that you will never forget if you were a football fan at any time during the past 20 or so years. Favre is guy that likely will not go down as the greatest quarterback of all-time but he has set so many records that he is truly unforgettable. After he was sent to New York from Green Bay he had much smite toward the Packers and it honestly made the situation much uglier than it had to be. He’d done so much for them and he was kind of thrown out on the street; that is cold.

2Red Sox Divorce Babe Ruth – Harry Frazee, who bought the surging Red Sox in 1916, needed to win some money back. So, what did he do? He started the most intense professional sports rivalry: The Boston Red Sox vs. The New York Yankees. He traded the Babe to the struggling Yankees and the rest was history.

1LeBron James Divorces Cleveland – If you did not think this was going to be number one then probably were not thinking straight. LeBron “taking [his] talents to South Beach” will be the message ringing in the heads of Cleveland Cavaliers fans until they stop sucking! ‘The Decision’ special will be hated by basically everybody who is an NBA Fan – especially those in Northeast Ohio. Trust me..I’m from there..this is definitely the worst/most famous and will be for quite a while.

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