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And with time running out on the shot clock in the 4th quarter, The Weeknd alley-oops Thursday to the world right before the buzzer hit on Friday. You can say that he dropped this out of no where and then he tweeted “f**k… it’s finally Thursday”. And like that the anticipation for this grew sky high, everyone wondering whether he would drop it or not. Well he did release it and managed to even crash his own website. If Thursday has the same kind of success that House of Balloons had (one of the best projects of the entire year), then it could propel The Weeknd into stardom and solidify him as one of the most talented musicians today, period. I don’t know if it’s even possible for me to build any more hype for this project, it’s already sky high. So without further adieu check out the review of The Weeknd’s Thursday + stream and download below!

1: Lonely Star 4.5/5
Right off the bat to me this felt like High for This Part 2. It has that same rock-ish feel that slowly build up over the course of the song. The beat is filled with guitar riffs and a deep bass making for a killer beat for Abel to lay down his sick vocals on. I think he needed a strong opening record to prove to people that his first effort was no fluke. This is an excellent opener for The Weeknd and it sets the groundwork perfectly for the rest of the album.

2: Life of the Party 5/5
This is without a doubt one of my favorite beats that The Weeknd has worked his magic over. It has a monster bass that will make you glad you spent the extra coin to get the top-of-the-line headphones, if you didn’t well then you’re missing out. The lyrics on here are the same as any Weeknd song; party’s, alcohol, girls, ect. The thing I find intriguing about this song is that Abel almost seems to half sing/half rap his verses and it makes for an amazing second track from the Canadian singer.

3: Thursday 4/5
This record starts off in an almost eerie tone. Making you feel like you’re lost in a dream and just floating through space. He manages to keep up that feeling throughout the entire song, just toned down a little. It makes for a great effect that I would love to see The Weeknd incorporate more in his songs. While this isn’t the strongest song on the project, it’s not bad by any means.

4: The Zone (feat. Drake) 5/5
If you’ve been wondering what Drake and The Weeknd have been cooking up recently, then this is your first taste. The beat starts off eerie and then slowly progresses into one that sounds like a classic Abel beat. His sings for the first five minutes and then hands the mic off to Drake. Coming into this track I wasn’t sure if Drake was going to do his singing thing or spit some bars, I was hoping for rapping because he had The Weeknd to hold down the singing. To my pleasure, and I’m pretty sure most of yours, Drake decided to rap. And wow did he kill his verse. His flow was on point and some of the best I’ve seen from the Toronto emcee. With many expected Weeknd features on Take Care, if this is what is in store, then we are in for a classic.

5: The Birds, Pt. 1 4.5/5
The beat starts off like a drum line and then changes into one of the more uptempo tracks we’ve seen from The Weeknd (also shorter, clocking in at just over three minutes). I actually like the fact that it is uptempo, The Weeknd is just showing us that he can do it all. He does close out the record though with a calm beat composed of a smooth guitar that sounds like the one in Break by Childish Gambino. All in all, this is a very strong offering from The Weeknd.

6: The Birds, Pt. 2 5/5
And The Weeknd is back to that slowed down, rock-ish feel type record, which is not a bad thing at all. As a matter of fact it’s almost what he does best. This track reminds me of my personal favorite off Hose of Balloons, Wicked Games. It has that same vibe and structure to it. The beat is composed of guitar riffs and drum kicks with The Weeknd singing his ass off for the whole record. The Birds, Pt. 1 > The Birds, Pt. 2, but not by much.

7: Rolling Stone 5/5
This song leaked a while back and has been on rotation ever since. The beat is made up of a smooth guitar that plays throughout the entire song, something we haven’t seen from The Weeknd before. I love seeing Abel switch it up and expand his area of talent, it makes for incredible music. The beat is insanely catchy and this song was stuck in my head for a long time when it first dropped. This is a must listen.

8: Gone 5/5
Starting off with a very futuristic/alien beat that occasionally has a huge synth kick, this is one of my favorite beats on the project. It sets the stage perfectly for The Weeknd to kill with his vocals. About half way through the track the beat switches up just drum and synth kicks, keep in mind that’s around the four minute mark with this track being over eight minutes long. I realize this record is relatively long but I didn’t feel bored for any second of the song. The evolving beat and The Weeknd’s vocals make this one of the best records on Thursday.

9: Heaven or Las Vegas 4/5
Definitely more of a rock feel to this track, the chorus has an almost epic guitar behind it. Once again more of a dreamy, spacey vibe and The Weeknd executes all of this with pin point perfection. While it’s not my favorite track on Thursday, this is an excellent closer and leaves a great final impression on the listener.

As I said above, with how incredible this effort is I’m going to say that The Weeknd is one of the most talented musicians out there today, period. Thursday is full of lush production and amazing vocals from Abel. I just can’t state enough how talented this man is. So far his two projects, Thursday and House of Balloons, have been top notch in every category you can think of. And with another one of the way, titled Echoes of Silence, expect The Weeknd to establish himself as the leader of a new wave of signers along with Frank Ocean. So do yourself a favor and download Thursday below, if you don’t you’re missing out on a lot of great music.

Download: The Weeknd – Thursday

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