Who’s Hot…Who’s Not in August?

Posted: August 18, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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We are now a little more than half-way through the month of August and the Sports World continues to entertain/surprise. The highly anticipated return of one ‘Tiger Woods’ was not quite the start that anyone was expecting (although the PGA Championship was fantastic), the baseball season has unfolded a bit more so that we can now being to piece together the playoff picture, and with the Football season around the corner there is a lot of buzz around the NFL and it’s multiple preseason festivities. With that being said today on the East Side we are going to take a look at what, where, and who have been hot; and who really have not been so hot before everyone’s summer concludes.

Courtesy of telegraph.co.uk

Hot : Golfers Under Age 31 – The two latest tour winners are named Adam Scott – Bridgestone Invitational – and Keegan Bradley – PGA Championship. One is a 31-year-old Australian that has had monumental expectations that he had not followed through on….until he switched to the infamous ‘Long-Putter’ – which I hate but that’s an argument for another day. The man, also, made a Caddie change to a man named Steve Williams – if the name sounds familiar…yes! He is the ex caddie of Tiger Woods. The other is a 25-year-old that only had one tour win on his resume until Sunday around 8 p.m. In one of the most disappointing collapses and one of the most inspirational comebacks; Keegan Bradley took the Wanamaker in a 3-hole playoff. It was good to see a golfer in red pumping his fists everywhere on the back-9 of the Final Round at a Major Championship.

Not : The Relationship between the Players and the Finishing Four Holes at Atlanta Athletic Club – Referred to as “The Hardest Four Finishing Holes in Golf” possibly thousands of times this weekend holes 15-18 did not disappoint. It’s where Tiger’s magnificent First Round went down the John, it’s where the players – who made the cut – struggled to shoot 4 or 5 over par (such as Mickelson, Donald, and Westwood…they all lost their contention here), and where a the 2011 Wanamaker was won for one player and lost for another. Dufner approached the 15th tee with, technically, a 6 shot lead, he watched Bradley triple bogey and dunked it in the drink. By the time he jarred his Par putt on 18 he was tied at 8-under with Keegan Bradley. Tough to say the least.

Hot : Home Run Hitters setting Records/Milestones – Two names for y’all: Albert Pujols and Jim Thome. Pujols – the man in St.Louis – became the first player, on Tuesday, to record 30 Homers in his first 11 years of play. Thome, however, on Monday, recorded his 599th and 600th at Comerica Park against Detroit Tigers. Two jacks within two days that were worth more than the average Homer.

Courtesy of eye-on-baseball.blogspot.cbssports.com

Not : Home Run Hitters named Adam Dunn – This is just unbearable..you’re telling me if you are the Chicago White Sox you do not have a better DH to play; I mean all the dude has is hit when they play American League teams….here’s the best part. His Batting Average is 0.161 and he has 11 Home Runs this season. The man who used to captivate us with his monstrous sized deep balls is now struggling to not only put the ball over the fence but in play.

Hot : Texans Chances of Winning the AFC South – Let’s talk Post-Lockout Football! Houston has huge names – Matt Schuab, Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, Mario Williams, etc. – and who has been their challenge for the past couple years?? The Indianapolis Colts, the same team that has a QB coming back from Neck Surgery and aging major positional players does not strike me as the favorite for the 2011-2012 season. I like the Texans and if you’re not buying then get out of the business.

Not : The Predictions that Rex Grossman Makes – Well…yet again the Redskins find a way to draw the National Spotlight. If you had not heard Rex Grossman shouted his belief that the Redskins are going to win the NFC East – even though the ‘Dream Team’ and Rival Cowboys are in the division. Rex, I’m glad to hear that Washington is doing so well in camp, but your team has more of a chance of getting rid of Dan Snyder than winning the NFC East this season. Sorry dude, I think you might be screwing your team.

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