Fantasy Football: Wide Receiver Previews/Projections

Posted: August 18, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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We’ll continue the countdown to the NFL/Fantasy Football Season with a preview of the League’s most elite wide-outs. I would honestly say that this year’s ‘hands’ are far more talented than in years past. They will be worth more fantasy stock – whereas in years past they were not really worth the early pick-up because it was likely that they would turn out to be busts. Now without further adieu here is the Top 10 group of receivers (including three guys I would not mind giving serious attention to…possible starters.

1Andre Johnson – Houston Texans – If you had any question as to who is the number one receiver in football then you really need to check yourself. Johnson has been consistently exceptional for 5+ years now and shows no signs of letting up. He’ll probably go in the first/second round of every league in America.

2Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons – What’s not to like? White has a huge frame, he’s got one of the premiere rising talent QB’s in Matty Ice, and the off-season acquisition of Julio Jones will surely distract every defense. Folks, this is the season that Roddy White becomes an authentic household name.

3Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions – Let me go all in right now. If Johnson is available to take by my fourth pick: I will not hesitate to take him. It appears as though this could be the year that we see Johnson’s true colors. IF Stafford is able to stay healthy then they will be getting the ball more (the most improved Defense over the off-season) and the opposing defense will often have to play the Lions offense honest because of the multiple threats..Best, Johnson, Pettigrew. Great Pick.

4Greg Jennings – Green Bay Packers – Jennings has two things going for him, he is a great actor (guest starring on Royal Pains during the Lockout) and he’s back in the top five. Jennings has the top ranked QB heading into this season and he is certainly Rodgers number one target. Look out NFC North…the tag-team duo is bound to have another good season.

5Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals – He might have Kevin Kolb, a QB struggling to find his niche (even though he did well for a couple games in Philly), but Fitzgerald is the same ‘Fitz’ he has been for the past few years. He’s a safe pick and will probably get you 175 points this season.. give or take.

6Vincent Jackson – San Diego Chargers – After an up and down season last year Jackson returns to SD after some contract disputes and looks like he may be poised for a better year then fans and analysts are expecting. I would not be surprise if we saw this guy inside the top-3 by season’s end.

7Hakeem Nicks – New York Giants – Listen guys, let me let you in on a little secret; I would not buy into the hype on Nicks this year. Let’s get this straight, the guy has an incredible talent of getting the ball and creating in the open field…I saw him do this at Carolina. With that being said I think he’s bound to either get injured this season or his QB will get hurt. (Being honest Eli is not the greatest QB either). I would stay away but if he still available by the fourth or fifth pick then I wouldn’t mind taking him.

8Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts – Wayne is quite the opposite of Nicks because his QB is the reason that I would highly suggest taking him. Manning – no, not Eli – but Peyton is arguably the best QB in the history of the league and although he is coming off of Neck Surgery he should be consistent for the whole season. Wayne is healthy and ready to start a new decade with the Indianapolis Colts.

9Desean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles – I mean what more can you say about the guy than exciting to watch and explosive. I’d like to remind everyone that Jackson comes with a bonus when picking him because he does return punt for the Eagles and does one hell of a job doing that. Jackson is a solid pick-up with his name is still showing as available by the time your 4th, 5th, or 6th pick roles around – depending on your draft strategy.

10Miles Austin – Dallas Cowboys – Let’s be frank folks, it doesn’t matter who is throwing the ball to Miles, Jason Garrett is going to make sure he gets targeted. Another safe pick here, he had an exceptional year two years ago but is now just inside the Top Ten.

3 Outside WR’s that I would not mind starting:

Percy Harvin – Even last season with Favre he had 5 TDs and I expect that number to increase by a couple this season. Harvin is a threat when running the reverse and I really like the Florida Graduate with the Viking’s addition of Donovan McNabb.

Chad Ochocinco – In this case the desperate trade turns out to work towards the receiver’s advantage. The second I saw this trade my thoughts were thrown violently towards comparisons of Randy Moss. He’s got that show boating game, he’s extremely quick and agile, and he usually gets the job done. Make sure you understand that Ochocinco has Brady throwing him the ball and I think together they will surprise more than just Fantasy Football (they might shock the whole world by getting deep into the Playoffs).

Julio Jones – Young Talent + A group of hard working offensive associate = Success. If you doubt this formula then you don’t know football – or sports for that matter. Check out Jones and make sure you grab him before your draft is over because he is my main sleeper pick to finish inside the top twenty by season’s end.

Happy Drafting. Before you enter yours make sure you check out my QB projections (Here) and RB projections (Here) if you have yet to in order to dominate your league. Good Luck.

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