Wednesday Night Shuffle

Posted: August 17, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Sports, Wednesday Night Shuffle
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And we have the third installment of Wednesday Night Shuffle! If you aren’t familiar, then here’s the deal: I’m going to select five different tracks that have been on rotation the most during the past week. They can be new, old, rap, rock, pop, whatever. I’ll talk a little about each track and give you a stream, download, ect. It’s just going to be about good music. So without further adieu hit the jump for the third edition of Wednesday Night Shuffle and be on the lookout for them every Wednesday night!

Drake – I Get Lonely Too
So I was on shuffle and this track came up and I immediately remembered why I loved Drake. This record was originally supposed to be off Drake’s R&B mixtape which was eventually shelved, but it has that classic So Far Gone, R&B Drake feel to it. Over a smooth beat Drake sings a heartfelt and soulful jam that will appeal to any music fan.

Muzi – Dear Heartbeat (feat. Novel)
And off one smooth jam we go to another. Muzi is an upcoming R&B singer and with the talents that he has, he should seen be in the category with artists such as The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. On this track Muzi gets fellow R&B crooner Novel to exchange verses with him and they do it perfectly. The track has top notch production and vocals, making for an outstanding listen.

Kendrick Lamar – The Relevant
It’s time for some more Kendrick Lamar! I stumbled across this song awhile and it has been on heavy rotation for a long time. This record was left off The Kendrick Lamar EP which shocks me because the song is nothing short of excellent. I think it should have been on The Kendrick Lamar EP because it would have been one of the strongest tracks and it blends perfectly with that atmosphere set on the album. Well this just proves why Kendrick Lamar is my favorite emcee of all time, this song wasn’t good enough to make the album. Wow.

Tayyib Ali – Live On the Road (feat. Dave Patten)
With the release of the music video for this song I went back and gave a full listen to the track, it hasn’t been off rotation since. Tayyib Ali’s flow is downright sick and it’s complemented to perfection with the infectious hook from fellow Philly native, Dave Patten. This is without a doubt one of the best songs off Keystone State of Mind.

H.O.P.E. – Piano Cover
I know I’ve talked about this record before, but it is just so damn good. H.O.P.E. is just so lyrically impressive over a soothing piano, creating an amazing atmosphere. The lines that stick out to me is definitely are
“now if you think that section eight line long, you should see that s**t in heaven there’s only one John
divine budget cuts acquired behind an old lady, holding the hand of her four year old gran-baby
she fell asleep at the wheel of the 91 last week, that’s how she got here
now she down with her admission, she just wishing her grandson just wasn’t here with her
she shed one tear I cry right with her, now I can never see her face I can still feel it
I gotta stop this s**t is getting realer cause my Granny on the way to get my son from the sitter right now”

Just let that sink in as you listen to incredible work from H.O.P.E.

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