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Posted: August 14, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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Let’s ramp up the Fantasy season Ladies and Gents. However if you are looking for advice on your current love interest then you are in the wrong place; we will not be discussing that type of Fantasy here. The NFL season has practically begun with the Pre-Season kicking off just a couple of days ago. Now most of you will be drafting for the league or two you have with your buddies and if you are having a bit of trouble determining which QB to draft then look nowhere else. Here is my list of Quarterback projections and if you have any pre-draft questions then drop a line below.

1Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – The man with the Champion’s Belt suits it up for the 2011 season as the projected number one QB in many leagues. Allow me to explain how much of a safe pick this is: if you are in a league of say 8 people and you have a pick later in the first round and he is not taken…you would be an idiot not to take Rodgers. I’m going to project him around the 300 point line which is just a bit under what ESPN would lead you to believe so he’s getting you roughly 20-25 points a game – likely a good chunk of your weekly points. So if you are on the clock in the first round and your go-to guy is gone, do not hesitate.. pick Rodgers.

2Michael Vick – Philadelphia Eagles – Likely the biggest threat amongst the league’s QB’s Vick is LETHAL people. The combination of a stellar mobile game and – the newest addition to his repertoire – his pocket presence make him a nightmare for all defenses. Quite frankly he should, also, be a first round pick because I do not see him being hurt this season (and if so maybe for a game or two) and he should be in the same point range as Rodgers (especially if Desean Jackson comes back to camp strong).

3Tom Brady – New England Patriots – Now with the addition of Chad Ochocinco (Bengal Free Agent) the Pats offense is once again elite. I’ll tell you if Danny Woodhead can move through defense lines with relative ease and keep them honest I like Brady to have another MVP Season.

4Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints – Not much to be said for the leader of the WHO DAT nation except that he is consistent and will prove to be in the mid 30’s in TDs again. Colston, Meachem, Shockey, etc., are a little known elite group of hands.

5Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers – Through half the season last year Rivers was the best passer and overall QB in the NFL. The man is a winner and could lead a team with me and you as his receiving corps to victory. If you like to pick a first round running back and a second round running back or wide receiver – for example – then River is a great third round QB to pick. Very under looked coming into every season.

6Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons – Matty Ice! The man has had a pretty sensational career behind center for Atlanta – they are always atop the division with New Orleans. Since he has gained a valuable asset in Julio Jones – adding to the talent of his phenomenal hands group which includes the dangerous Roddy White – he is going to be the most under-rated QB in 2011. Mark my words, consider yourself lucky to have this man as your starting QB if you obtain him. With Michael Turner in the backfield relieving some of the pressure from him, Ryan is poised for a HUGE season.

7Peyton Manning – Indianapolis Colts – Many rank Manning among the Top Five QB’s this season however Mr.Consistency – even though he will go down as one of the all-time greats – is coming off of his neck surgery. The man is simply injury-prone this season and he may be out for a couple of games. He does deserve to be a starting candidate – clearly – because he has a nice group of receivers (Clark, Collie, Wayne, etc.) but he may not produce like in years past.

8Matt Schuab – Houston Texans – Ever heard of a man named Andre Johnson, the person whom Schuab will be able to attribute his success to at the end of the season? With Johnson – always an endzone threat – being in the line-up every Sunday and if Foster can take some of the load off of him..Schuab could post some serious numbers.

9Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens – Flacco has always been a guy that can get you a good 20 every week. If you have some great RB/WR talent and need a QB after all these guys have been taken then Flacco is your guy. He always has a solid wide-out unit.

10Sam Bradford – St.Louis Rams – No one else is thinking about Bradford being solid but listen to me. If Bradford posted an 18/15 (TD/Int) season in his rookie year I really like his chances of being a good fantasy QB in year two. He has an RB that gets about 20 carries a game in Jackson and a great up and coming WR in Amendola. That and the fact that the Rams do not have a great defensive division this year yield not only a 220+ point season but a couple 30 point games that each owner of Bradford can look forward to.

3 Outside QB’s that I would not mind starting:

Donovan McNabb – He’s old, BUT do not make the mistake of overlooking him. The guy is still mobile, he’s a hard worker (so you know that he is not more fragile and injury-prone), and – even though he lost Sidney Rice – he still has Percy Harvin, Visante Shiancoe, and Adrian Peterson headlining his offense. Three big names that the Redskins did not have last season. *Moss, Cooley, and Portis…hahahaha that’s a joke. Give me the Vikings three all-day everyday.

Matthew Stafford – AS LONG AS HE DOES NOT GET INJURED, Stafford will prove to be a Top Ten QB at the end of the season. He always has those no-name guys that score every week like Pettigrew and Burleson. He always has Calvin Johnson who – if you can’t compensate for his height – will destroy you…after all he is Megatron. Also, the up and coming game of Jahvid Best will relieve some of the pressure from Stafford this season. Not to mention the great defensive line that the Lions have this season that will force more stops. I like this guy.

Josh Freeman – Mobile, Tall, Under the Radar; three reasons that make me like Freeman who had a great break out season last year. (250 points on ESPN in 2010 and I like to think he could be back in that area once more this season)

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  1. Jim says:

    I know being a Browns fan we always hope this timw of year but someone might want to consider Colt McCoy–going to be fun!!

    • mceagle611 says:

      Keep your fingers crossed, but no matter how good McCoy is I don’t see him doing much with robiske and cribbs. Peyton Hillis is your future in Cleveland though, the man fights for every yard.

  2. After his performance last night I think you almost have to put Jake Locker on the “watch” list. The kid has potential… maybe another Matt Ryan-style rookie season?

    • mceagle611 says:

      I don’t think you can do that just yet though because Hasselback is going to
      start. I’m talking about the players that aren’t automatic picks that I would
      START. I will never start Hasselback this season, let alone Locker. It’s just my

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  6. Sam says:

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t leave out Romo, but I think you at least owe us an explanation.

    • mceagle611 says:

      Listen, he is coming off of the injury and I just see him getting hurt again. I don’t think he is going to have a better season than the 10 guys on this list. just my opinion

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