Wonderbread: White Rappers and Why They Are Finally Poised to Breakthrough

Posted: August 13, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Music
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Labels have searched tirelessly for the next great white rapper ever since Eminem first broke onto the scene in 1999. They failed. But there is a new generation of white emcees ready to breakthrough into the mainstream. Let’s go two years back, Asher Roth was on the rise. He had a very successful mixture to his name, The Greenhouse Effect, and his hit single I Love College was tearing up the charts. On a side note Asher has one of my favorite lines ever on his A Millie Freestyle where he goes “you stupid m***********s don’t get it, it’s pathetic, cause you get to the pros and don’t do s**t like you Reddick”, best line ever. Inevitably Asher Roth started drawing comparisons to Eminem all over the place. He couldn’t go anywhere or do any interview without being asked about the comparisons. Fast forward two years, while Asher didn’t become the next Eminem, he potentially opened the door for other white emcees without even realizing it.

There are many white artists ready to finally breakthrough. The leaders of the pack include Alabama spitter Yelawolf and Pittsburgh emcee Mac Miller. They have both garnered a huge online following and potentially knocked down the invisible walls that separated white rappers from making it big. Today there are more Caucasian emcees emerging than there were at any other point in hip-hop history. In addition to Yela and Mac, Machine Gun Kelly has created a huge movement (called Lace Up) in his hometown of Cleveland and its’ steadily moving across the country. There is also the Boston bred emcee, Sam Adams, who’s album Boston Boy was number one on the iTunes hip-hop/rap chart last March and has toured heavily since. Also throw in former Google employee and now NY rapper Hoodie Allen. He has released one of the best projects of the year in Leap Year and has another solid mixtape in Prep Rally to his name. You can also count in Connecticut artist, Chris Webby, who’s mixtapes Best In the Burbs and Websters Labratory, are the only two projects to ever crash the popular site datpiff.com’s servers. Lastly there is West Virginia artist Huey Mack who has two extremely good mixtapes on his record and a large east coast following. Other buzzing white emcees include Rittz, Outasight, Thee Tom Hardy, Spose, Macklemore, Mac Lethal, Na Palm, OnCue and Action Bronson.

The most promising of the group is probably Mac Miller. I am personally a huge fan of Mac and he’s probably in my Top 10 favorite rappers, he’s also ready to breakthrough. His mixtape K.I.D.S. got his name buzzing a lot and then the release of Best Day Ever along with affiliation with Wiz Khalifa, has his popularity at an all-time high. Mac is slated to release his debut album Blue Slide Park sometime this fall (first single called Frick Park Market dropping August 18th), and that could be the springboard to shoot him into the national spotlight. Yelawolf is a genre-blending, tattoo covered fire spitter from Alabama who rose to fame with his mixtape Trunk Muzik in January 2010 and was eventually signed to Eminem’s Shady Records. Machine Gun Kelly is another personal favorite of mine as his project Lace Up brought him big time acclaim. MGK is on the brink of being in my Top 10 favorite rappers, I like him more than Mac Miller but he only has one major project to his name while Mac has two. MGK recently signed to Diddy/Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Sean John’s Bad Boy Records, this could be the platform he needs to become a nationwide star. Sam Adams rose to fame with the release of I Hate College (Remix) on YouTube and has been tapping into that college and high school market ever since and is well known for his “frat rap”. These artists music varies a lot, to songs infused with country to dubstep to pop to R&B and beyond.

But all of this was not without a fail or two. There was Bubba Sparxxx, the La Grange, Georgia product who signed to Timbaland’s Interscope Records and scored the hit single Ms. New Booty and a gold album. It also wasn’t Paul Wall, a grill wearing emcee from Houston’s Swishahouse camp who was key in Houston becoming a rap powerhouse. But after having the number one charting album in The Peoples Champ, he has fallen off the map entirely. There were other buzzing rappers such as Apathy (of Get Busy Committee), Slug (of Atmosphere), Esoteric, Ill Bill and many more, but these MC’s were mainly underground. None of these artists has been able to achieve the status that the white rappers today have been able to obtain.

For the first time it feels like a white emcee can be welcomed into the hip-hop community openly. Also in addition to the increased diversity of raps ever growing audience, white fans can share their opinions online in ways they might not have been comfortable doing before. It all adds up to a more successful and diverse industry. It’s not just advertising and branding that have helped these Caucasian artists bolster their position. They can straight up rap (often fast), have real fans, serious buzz and a huge following. Whether they will become the next Bubba Sparxxx or Paul Wall, or Asher Roth or maybe even Eminem, remains to be seen, but their collective entirety in the industry is apparent and can’t be ignored any longer.

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