Wednesday Night Shuffle

Posted: August 10, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Music, Wednesday Night Shuffle
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And we get the second edition of Wednesday Night Shuffle! If didn’t post one last week because I unexpectedly went to a wifi-less Bahamas for a week. I you aren’t familiar, then I’m going to select five different tracks that have been on rotation the most during the past week. They can be new, old, rap, rock, pop, whatever. I’ll talk a little about each track and give you a stream, download, ect. It’s just going to be about good music. So without further adieu hit the jump for the second edition of Wednesday Night Shuffle and be on the lookout for them every Wednesday night!

Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q – 6 Foot 7 Foot (Freestyle)
This is an incredible dope freestyle from half of Black Hippy. They destroy is ten times better than their Young Money counterparts. Kendrick absolutely spazzes on his verse and kicks some crazy lines all over the place. That’s not to say Schoolboy Q doesn’t kill it because he does. It’s just hard to compete with Kendrick. I got one last thing on my mind, Black Hippy > Young Money and Top Dawg > YMCMB

Adele – Rolling In the Deep (Jamie xx Remix) [feat. Childish Gambino]
I honestly think Adele is the best female vocalist and she proves it with a sincere delivery on each and every song. Well on this one here, her smash hit Rolling In the Deep gets a makeover with a new beat from Jamie xx and a guest verse from one of my favorite rappers today, Childish Gambino. The beat is crazy and Gambino kills his verse.

Game – Better Days (feat. Andre Merritt)
This is actually one of my favorite Game records to date. Despite never actually being released on an official project, Game brings it here. Over a mellow beat filled with a piano and synth kicks Game lays down a nasty first verse. He uses honesty and the truth to tell the story of what has recently happened in his life and other things going on around him. Lines such as “I ain’t saying confess, definitely ain’t saying snitch, but if you killed a n***a help his mamma dig his ditch” and “and kids wear Dr. Beats to stop the sound of gunshots, but at least they got Dre Beats cause kids in Africa ain’t even got shoes on they feet” show the potential that Game has as an emcee.

Tedashii – Dum Dum (feat. Lecrae)
I would be surprised if any of you have heard of this record before. Tedashii and Lecrae are Christian rappers who are dope as hell. This record was featured on Tedashii’s most recent LP Backlight and oh my gosh does it knock. The track is an uptempo, banger aimed for the clubs almost. Each artist definitely brings their A game and it makes for an amazing record. This is an absolute must listen.

Skylar Grey – Love the Way You Lie (Demo)
You might not believe it, but Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie was originally meant for the hip-hop hook queen (I Need a Doctor, Words I Never Said, Coming Home). I am personally a huge fan of this version and thinks it a hundred times better than the Eminem version. The track is completely stripped down to basically just a piano and Skylar Grey’s vocals. It showcases how good of a singer she truly is.

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