Top 15 ‘This is Sportscenter’ Ads at 1:50 – Part 5

Posted: August 6, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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When ESPN, the worldwide leader in Sports, aired Sportscenter – the most popular national television sports news broadcast – in September 1979 they had no idea how big it would get. Think about it, when you are having a slow summer morning and you are, at least, somewhat of a sports fan odds are you are going to take a glance at any of their morning broadcasts during that time. In order to publicize the show in 1994, they debuted a new series of advertisements now commonly known as “This is Sportscenter” ads (it is the slogan that appears at the end of every one of the commercials). So I saw one of the ads on ESPN the other day and wondered to myself what the funniest “This is Sportscenter” (a.k.a. TIS) commercials were… so I did some research and found some funny stuff.

There were far more than I expected, however, and too many to present in a couple readable amounts (which was my plan). So here on the Eastside Perspective I’m going to show you the Top 15 TIS Ads in order and three at a time; it will be presented in five parts at 1:50 PM (Thus the Title) ending today, so make sure go back and check out the countdown which is concluding today if you have yet to. However, here is the catch: I narrowed down the 50 or so TIS ads by only keeping the one’s that you need to have a knowledge of sports – dealing with the plot, people, etc., in each commercial – to understand the joke in the ad! Enjoy the countdown (and the bonus ad below each threesome).

3 – Donovan Carded – Landon Donovan and the office copy machine show their tempers – I have never seen a copy machine as a referee quite frankly.

2 – Big Trader – Big Papi breaks in a hat for Jorge Posada because he is a catcher…he never has to wear it. However the Yankees-Red Sox tensions loom everywhere he goes.

1 – Casting Slump – The Number One Sportscenter Ad makes me laugh every single time. The best two-liner in any TIS is in here. Van Pelt – “Is that bad?”… Rollins – “It’s not good.”

Bonus Ad – The Manning Brothers – Classic brotherly love, I really laugh whenever Archi Griffin looks back like any father would and Peyton is pointing fingers. Eli gets Peyton with a mean wet-willy too, good stuff.


View the previous three TIS Ads: Here


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