Will Tiger’s Return Prove to be a Good Decision?

Posted: August 1, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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By now, most Golf Fans know that the long-time World Number One Tiger Woods, who has been struggling with injuries to his left leg and recovering from a scandalous divorce, is to return to the WGC Bridgestone Invitation this weekend – only one week before the season’s final major. This is not the longest recess that Tiger has taken in his historic career, however the number 21 golfer in World returns – this time – with the most questions to answer.

After firing long-time caddie Steve Williams, one of the questions on everyone’s minds was with whom will Tiger would fill the viod…it took him until Thursday to make his decision – childhood amigo Bryon Bell. I really did not care about this decision because regardless of if it was Bell – who has been Woods’ caddie only three times – or not, Tiger always has the final say about what club he picks, what line he chooses, and whether to lay-up or be aggressive. Part of what makes Woods so great is that he barely ever lays up, the man goes for it all because he is confident in his ability; and I will be damned if a caddie is just going to waltz in to the situation and change that.

The more intriguing question on everyone’s mind, however, is how well Woods will start off; is he going to run with the pack and maybe have a chance on Sunday – which is expected – or is he going to surprise us all and come out of the gate to lap the field? If I have acquired any knowledge while watching Woods, it’s that a heart of a Champion exceeds all talent. Now, let’s be honest, Tiger is not a role model off the course – his favorite hobby is (or at least was) to bed any woman on his radar – but on the course he is one hell of a competitor.

I would not say that Tiger Woods is not the favorite for this weekend’s tournament in Akron, Ohio, at Firestone; but I think he is definitely going to prove wrong some of the PGA’s fans that cannot separate the game of golf from the game of life. And although the man is sitting on the lowest ranking that he has had in 14+ years – if he is back for good – I would not be surprised to see him shooting up the list rather quickly. I really do not want to address next week’s Major at Atlanta Athletic Club – the site of the 2011 PGA Championship – although I do want to see Tiger compete this weekend. I want to see a few fist pumps, a couple of club twirls…I just want him to rekindle that fire that once was. I really think Golf needs that to happen.

  1. He said he was only coming back when he was 100%. The only thing is Tiger has built such high expectations around him that if he doesn’t win, if he takes second by one stroke people will say he’s washed up that he cannot play the game anymore. I think people need to take this as it is, a come back. I wouldn’t expect him to shoot a ridiculus score or demolish the competition by several strokes, but I do expect him to compete. I wish him all the luck inthe world this weekend.

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  3. […] – Lunch Plans – Tiger Woods and Stuart Scott make lunch plans, and as they part Woods make his way through the office while […]

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