The Eastside Top Ten : Best of July 2011

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At the end of every month on the EastSide we take a moment to step back and view the realm of sports as one entity. This Top Ten may include Highlights, Stories, etc., ultimately helping the fan get a feel for what I thought were the best of sports for the month of July 2011.

What can I say about the month of July? Ultimately not the most ideal month for a sports fan, but it shaped up to be quite a month. From the Heart-Felt moments to Landslide Victories, and the Highlights to the Work Stoppages – July made for a more compelling 31 days than I would have thought. So without further adieu, let the Countdown begin.

10 – Put simply the best of the 2011 Tour de France Crashes, even though Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland – who flipped into a barbwire fence – could have been seriously injured, it is still an unforgettable part of this year’s Tour.

9 – Neil Walker, second baseman of the Pittsburgh Pirates, unbelievably turns two from his knees against the Reds here. It has been Sportscenter’s “Best of the Best” for a while now, and is undoubtedly a web gem that will not be forgotten in the “Play of the Year” discussion. I could not find a YouTube video so I had to get this highlight off of … don’t blame me; blame the stupid broadcasting company that won’t put a High Quality version up on YouTube.

8 – Robinson Cano, New York Yankee second baseman, won the Home Run Derby earlier in the month by defeating Adrian Gonzalez of the Boston Red Sox doing so in record-breaking fashion. The man had to hit 12 Home Runs to win, and he did just that. The Yankee-Red Sox Final proved to be nothing short of phenomenal, and the captivating image was Cano’s father – who was pitching to him – throwing the balls in his hands up in the air and embrace his son half-way in between home plate and the mound. Good Stuff.

7 – Just days ago Ervin Santana threw the first No-Hitter of his career against my beloved Indians at Jacobs Field; it just so happened that Santana’s outting resulted in the ninth No-Hitter in Angel’s history. It’s funny, also, because if you saw the box score you would not even think twice about if there was a No-Hitter because the Indians did score a run off of a past-ball in the bottom of the First Inning (the scorer was walked to first base).

6 – There is only one thing that needs to be said: FOOTBALL IS BACK. Labor disputes ended as NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice “De” Smith and Commissioner Roger Goodell shook hands at their Press Conference.

5 – Come on Young-Bloods!! Cadel Evans beat all the youth in the Tour de France, overcoming small odds, to become the oldest yellow jersey winner. Also happening across the pond was the Open Championship and North Ireland Native Darren Clarke (You can also read more about his win here) was given 1:100 odds of winning the Major…however he came out on Sunday with the Claret Jug.

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4 – Upset for the ages, as the heavily favored Americans came into the Final – in my opinion – with their heads in the clouds. Just as you thought the United States had won it, then the Japanese would score, with little time showing on the clock. They deserved the win, despite the Americans great run, not only because of their great play but due to the events at had unfolded with the Earthquake and Tsunami.

3 – Abby Wambach’s goal here against Brazil in the 122nd minute was the Lasting Image of the Cup for any fan watching in the United States…no doubt about it. Me personally? I was in the ER, watching the game, and I was screaming my ass off when the header went in.

2 – You cannot say enough about Patriot’s Owner Robert Kraft, the courage it took for him to do what he did just days before the Lockout was lifted was second to none. His wife, Myra, passed away five days before the Lockout ended and in her weakest time commended him to get the deal done. This moment he had with Colt’s Center Jeff Saturday was the most powerful ending to any negative situation that any of us could imagine. It was a special moment.

1 – Who else but the Captain at Number One? Derek Jeter gets his 3000th hit in Grand Fashion, becoming the second player to homer for his 3000th. Pretty sure Christian Lopez was happy too. Sorry about the video quality again!


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