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If you have been following this blog for a while now, you probably know my feelings on Black Hippy. And those feelings are that they are my favorite group in the game today (just ahead of Slaughterhouse, The Dean’s List and Pac Div). For those of you who aren’t familiar with Black Hippy, they are a super-group consisting of Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock repping the west coast to the fullest. Despite only having released a handful of tracks as a group, they have made waves individually. They have all done huge things on their own, but it’s time you got introduced to the group as a whole.

All four are members of the independent hip-hop label Top Dawg Entertainment with Jay Rock also being half signed to Strange Music. The first member of the group I will talk about is Kendrick Lamar. If you have read this blog before, then you probably know by now that Kendrick is my favorite emcee of all time. He can not only drop hard hitting tracks, but also flow smoothly and intellectually over soul driven beats. He has everything you want in a true emcee and brings a much needed sense of honesty to the game. Individually he has released two of my favorite albums ever, O(verly) D(edicated) and Section.80, and made some monster guest appearances. Kendrick Lamar brings raw emotion, lyricism, and dope line after line to the group and that’s why he’s my favorite member of Black Hippy. Now I’ve had the hardest time ever deciding who is my second favorite member of Black Hippy, Schoolboy Q or Ab-Soul. So I’m going to call it a tie, however I’ll talk about Schoolboy Q first. Q is the pothead of the group, I mean just check out his song iBETiGOTSUMWEED. With that being said, his album Setbacks was one of my favorite albums of the year. Q brings the laid back, chill vibe to the group. But don’t be mistaken, he can still drop hard hitting bars with the best of the group. Next up is Ab-Soul, the Carson, Cali representative. Ab also had one of my favorite projects of the year in Longterm: Mentality. Ab-Soul might be one of the most versatile members of the group. Whether he’s dropping a hard hitter in Soul Cry to the smooth Moscato to the laid back Real Thinkers to the lyrical Top Dawg Under Dawg, Ab-Soul’s got it all. The last member of the group is Jay Rock. Now if you read my album review of his new LP Follow Me Home then you probably know how I feel about him. I’m just not a big fan of his style, he is too “street” or “hood” for my liking. As I have stated before I would suggest them switching Jay Rock out with Dom Kennedy or Fashawn or H.O.P.E. Those artists fit more of the Black Hippy style, but there’s no way that’s going to happen. The group is just to closely knit. Jay Rock brings the street, girtty, hard hitting bars to the group. All in all they form an amazing group.

Tech N9NE called them the new NWA, they have been hailed as the leaders of a new generation of west coast rappers. What makes them so great, is their chemistry as a group. And that’s why when I actually think about it, I don’t want Jay Rock being switched out. They just work so well together and are great friends, those things add up to damn good music. I imagine this group being the next one to make an impact in the music industry. They have already taken over in the first half of 2011 with each of artist dropping an album individually. All we need now is a Black Hippy album which Jay Rock recently said will come in late 2011 or early 2012. And if that LP does drop in 2011, go ahead and call it The Year of Black Hippy. If you’ve slept on these guys so far, I highly recommend you wake up before it’s too late and you’re left behind.

Black Hippy Albums DL:
Ab-Soul – Longterm: Mentality
Jay Rock – Black Friday
Jay Rock – Follow Me Home
Kendrick Lamar – O(verly) D(edicated)
Kendrick Lamar – Section.80
Schoolboy Q – Setbacks

Black Hippy – Constipation

Black Hippy – Rolling Stones

Don’t think these guys are talented? Check out this freestyle they do as a group off the top of their head

  1. […] three Black Hippy members, but Jay Rock did have his moments. 2011 is gearing up to be the year of Black Hippy. All we need now is a Black Hippy group album, that would solidify it as their year to take over […]

  2. […] three Black Hippy members, but Jay Rock did have his moments. 2011 is gearing up to be the year of Black Hippy. All we need now is a Black Hippy group album, that would solidify it as their year to take over […]

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