College Gameday: Predicting the Weekly Locations for 2011-2012 Season

Posted: July 26, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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To ramp up the College Football Season let’s talk about what gets us hyped up every weekend before a big game. Tailgating…? No. Watching the Game with your buddies…? No. Lee Corso’s Head Gear Picks…? Hell Yes. College Gameday always kicks off our busy Saturdays with a preview for the Nation’s biggest games. This article is designed to depict the biggest games every week as I am going to attempt to predict where Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, and Lee Corso will sit down week-by-week throughout this year’s season on the set of College Gameday.

September 3 – Oregon vs. LSU – This game really reminds me of the Boise State vs. Virginia Tech game of last year that everybody watched. The National Runner-Up of 2011, Oregon Ducks, will clash with the always good LSU Tigers. Les Miles will have his guys ready, despite the loss of Patrick Peterson.

September 10 – Notre Dame vs. Michigan – Maybe this is my Ohio State biased kicking in but I can tell you right now that this is the late game I will be watching on the 10th. It will be an early preview of which of these two teams with a lot to prove will prove a lot throughout the season. And it’s in the Big House…can’t argue with that.

September 17 – Oklahoma vs. Florida State – Two teams that could be power-houses this year, and considered by some as the best non-conference game on the 2011-2012 schedule…and since it’s under the lights, it should be a great game.

September 24 – Arkansas vs. Alabama – This game was big last year and I think it will bear high reward to winner this year once more. A key SEC Game for both teams and great fun, however this year Trent Richardson is back but Ryan Mallett and Greg McElroy are not.

October 1 – Nebraska vs. Wisconsin – The newest addition to the Big Ten, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, will be faced with an early challenge, the Wisconsin Badgers. Should be a real dog fight as both teams love to crowd the line and fight for every yard. A really good way to spend your Saturday night; watching these two go at it.

October 8 – Florida vs. LSU – I think Gameday will take a trip down to the Bayou to watch the Gators take on the Tigers. I believe that Nebraska vs. Ohio State game may be a better match-up – especially if Ohio State exceeds our expectations – but Gameday will not involve Nebraska two weeks in a row.

October 15 – Oklahoma State vs. Texas – It’s definitely time for the crew to take a trip over to Big 12 Country. Texas, this year, will not be a powerhouse like they have in years past; however OKST is supposed to be much better than in years past. I have been hearing that the Cowboys are supposed to start inside the Preseason Top-10. So this may shape up to be quite a match-up.

October 22 – USC at Notre Dame – This week is chock full of good matchups (Washington vs. Stanford, Michigan State vs. Wisconsin, etc.) but I cannot see the Gameday crew skipping over one of the most intense College Rivalries. Kick-off is set for 7:30 PM EST and I’m sitting here thinking about the last time this game was a night game…it always seems like it’s a 3:30 game. The last one of these games I can remember watching at night was the ‘Bush Push’ game, however that might have been dusk at 7ish. This dual should shape up to be an important game nonetheless.

October 29 – Wisconsin vs. Ohio State – If the Buckeyes prove to be better than we had originally thought with the losses of Terrelle Pryor and Company then the Horseshoe will probably be sold out for this one. I personally think that the Stanford vs. USC will be a bigger game but again I have never seen the Gameday crew cover the same team two weeks in a row.

November 5 – LSU vs. Alabama – I truly believe one of these teams is going to have a National Championship birth on the line in this game, and they will lose it. You always see at least one game in the SEC every year with this type of implication and I think it may be this one.

November 12 – Oregon at Stanford – I can tell you that the Gameday crew will not miss covering a Cardinal Game this year because of the 2012 Heisman-Favorite QB Andrew Luck. He is dynamic, has an absolute cannon for an arm, and puts the team on his back; he is fun to watch. What makes this better, you may ask? It is the biggest Pac-10 game this year by far.

November 19 – USC vs Oregon – Quite Frankly this is the worst week of action on the College Football Calendar, no doubt about it. I know I really do not think they will cover Oregon two weeks in a row but this is by far the best match-up….and it really is not even that great.

November 26 – Alabama vs. Auburn – Remember this game last year? Legendary. This is really a no brainer and although this is Rivalry Week, I think this is going to be a make or break situation for the Rolling Tide.

  1. Its kinda funny to see the teams the keep popping up like Bama, USC and ND. It’ll be a itneresting season to say the least.

    • mceagle611 says:

      True, you know what’s unfortunate though is that USC isn’t really going to be that good this year..or at least they won’t start at the top. Bama and Stanford are two teams I included more than once though who I think will have a shot for a National Championship if they keep it together.

  2. The FSU- Oklahoma game is actually a primetime game! But nice post!

  3. Douglas says:

    You have to consider who will be carrying the games as well. For instance Alabama Vs. Auburn will be on CBS, and will not be the gameday location (also Auburn without Cam Newton means they aren’t likely to put up much of a fight against Bama, that game was only interesting because of his play, take him out of the game and its 27-7 easy).

    Pretty much any SEC rivalry game will be on CBS, as they have their own game of the week slot for SEC games (i.e. CBS will be covering the biggest games in the SEC, so ESPN would have to choose the 2nd biggest game from the SEC).

    • tom says:

      Come back to Williamstown and see Williams take on Amherst. Nobody gives these guys yachts, limos, Escalades, checks for $50,000 or free dinners. These guys play because after their college football careers they won’t be playing in the NFL. They will be the ones owning the NFL teams and/or sponsors.

  4. hj says:

    @Douglas remember the Iron Bowl 2 years ago…no Cam Newton and no Nick Fairley and still one of the best games of the year. By the way the two teams in the Iron Bowl have been the last 2 national champions.

  5. OUOWNZ says:

    Guess what Lou Holtz. Wrong again. OU #1

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