NFL UN-Locked: CBA Reached, Back to Football

Posted: July 25, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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Minutes after the NFL Players Association approved the settlement with the NFL Owners Adam Schefter appeared on Sportscenter saying those three little words we have all been waiting to hear for 132 long days, “We have Football!”

Everyone will remember how on Thursday we thought we may hear these very words after the Owners had placed the ball in the NFLPA’s court by approving their own bargain. However a night that started with so much hope and optimism ended on a very sour note because the Owners supposedly forgot – somewhere in their crazy schedule – to send the Players a visual on the deal; so the Player Representatives could not take a vote.

After Goodell’s Thursday Press Conference in which he made reference to a Supplemental Revenue Sharing System approved for the next 10 years – through the 2020 Season – I even had a great feeling about what would happen. Unfortunately it turned out to be an act that only Shakespeare himself could write, he made it seem like the lockout was about to be over. In somewhat of an Owner Power-Play you could feel the Public Opinion sway to feel more remorse towards the Owners. Although, it never was meant to be that night, it was meant to be this Afternoon around 2:30 PM.

Today’s Press Conference was quite a Captivating Capping Moment to the Lockout as there was a lot of emotion; which began by a report for ESPN’s Senior Analyst John Clayton. I, first, would like to commend the actions of Robert Kraft, Patriots Owner, that Jeff Saturday touched on during the Press Conference. Kraft’s wife, Myra, died on Wednesday and he worked tirelessly to be by her side as well as getting the deal done. If there was no Kraft, then the deal just would not have gotten done; so I commend Robert Kraft for being extremely strong this past week.

DeMaurice Smith had reported in his earlier, shorter Press Talk with his fellow Players he reported that the Player Representatives had unanimously voted (all 32 of them) to approve the settlement. The CBA is ratified, and the NFL Lockout has been lifted. Every party – The Owners, The Players, and Fans – was commended for their patience or effort to make the deal happen alike. Now we could discuss the detail of this CBA, that it has done away with Full Contact 2-a-Days. We could talk about how Litigation has been dismissed since the Players and Owners have agreed. We could, also, talk about how the Player Market is going to be crazy over the next few weeks…but let’s not do that.

Let’s talk about how – because there are no Opt Outs – there is, according to Adam Schefter, “Labor Peace for the next 10 years!” Let’s talk about, although the Hall of Fame Game has been cancelled (the first time since 1966) due to the lack of time, that we will not miss any of the Preseason or the Regular Season like everyone had feared just months ago. Let’s talk about how, according to Roger Goodell, “Football is back,” and according to NFL Player Representative Kevin Mawae, “[Football is] back for the long-term!”

Ask yourself this question that you will hear every Monday Night starting on September the 12th: Are you ready for some Football?

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