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Mac Miller released his sixth mixtape on March 11th, 2011. The funny thing is (well it’s not actually funny) that the mixtape is titled Best Day Ever and it just so happened to be released on the same day as the Japan disaster, not the best day ever for them. But Mac still released one of my favorite projects of the entire year as it came in at number six on my Top 25 Albums of the Year (So Far). I have followed Mac come up ever since the release of The Jukebox and it is amazing to see him blow up to the extent that he has today. So hit the jump for the review on Mac Miller’s mixtape Best Day Ever!

1: Best Day Ever 5/5
I love how this track starts. A dreamy intro beat that slowly picks up pace and then is full blown once it drops. I am typically a huge fan of this type of beat when it starts off slow and picks up. The rhymes and lyrics are solid overall on here as Mac basically just speaks on how good life is for him now with lines such as “got me cheesin’ from cheek to cheek”. This track lyrically sums up the whole feeling of the entire mixtape. Also while listening to this I realized Mac could probably flow well over anything you throw at him, even it is Mozart or Beethoven. This is an amazing track from Mac to open the mixtape.

2: Get Up 4.5/5
A more uptempo track from Mac as he speaks on his journey through hip-hop so far. The beat is composed of slow-building synth-keys, snare kicks and bass drums which makes for a crazy beat. The track is good lyrically as Mac raps lines such as “my swagger, call me Old Spice, yeah the kid is so nice”. This is one of the more underrated tracks on the album in my opinion, it feels like a sleeper. In the end it’s going to have a lot of plays on your iTunes but you never really talk about it as your favorite track.

3: Donald Trump 5/5
The first official leak from Best Day Ever raised my expectations for the album by 100%. The song is just so damn good. This is a complete club banger from Mac filled with heavy bass throughout the track. The track is so popular that it even got the Trump himself to respond to it on Twitter. The second verse is crazy from Mac has his flow is off the chain. I you haven’t blessed your ears already with this, do yourself a favor and listen to Donald Trump.

4: Oy Vey 4/5
The beat on this track is different as it seems a little corny and poppy but it works out pretty well in the end. The chorus is insanely catchy and I have found myself singing it many times on accident. There is one line though that stuck out in my head, “hoes up on my dick like Ryan Seacrest”. Is that you Lil B? Mac drops a line on the level of Lil B. While I don’t like Lil B’s music at all, I respect what he’s managed to do so far in his career. After my thoughts on Lil B, this is a pretty good overall song from Mac.

5: I’ll Be There (feat. Phonte) 5/5
A complete standout. Over a piano influenced beat and a soul driven chorus from Phonte, Mac dedicated this track to his mom. I’m glad that he didn’t curse in this track because it was for his mother and I think she should be extremely proud of the final product. My favorite line is definitely, “The reason I was six years old rocking some Jordans, the reason I had food, my own damn room, a TV in the living room to watch my cartoons, I just hope she know that I love her, the world’s best mother yeah it ain’t fair, so I’mma take care of her and her gray hair” because I can relate to all of that, every word. This track feels heartfelt and real from Mac, making it a great tribute to his mom.

6: Wear My Hat 3/5
When I first saw this had Chuck Inglish production I was excited to finally see Mac over a Chuck beat. But I’m sad to say that this track sucks in my mind. This isn’t the best Chuck beat I’ve ever heard and lyrics on this track suck, period. It all about Mac letting some girl wear his hat. I realize this track has had some mainstream success and even a video, but I’m just not a fan of it at all.

7: Wake Up 5/5
This is a great uptempo track that I could easily imagine being blasted at parties nationwide. His flow is tight once again and the production is top notch. There isn’t a whole lot to be said about this track, except that turn the volume all the way up and blast it.

8: All Around the World 4/5
I thought I got excited when I saw Chuck Inglish behind the boards, but when I saw Just Blaze I was like a five year old in a half toy/half candy store. With that being said, this track wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. The production is good, so are Mac’s flow and lyrics, along with the chorus. I know you’re reading this and you’re like “how did you not love it then?” Well, something is just missing from this track. I’m just not quite sure what that is. Maybe a guest verse or a better chorus, I don’t really know.

9: Down the Rabbit Hole 4/5
At this point in the mixtape, I’m starting to see a lot of similarities between BDE and Wiz Khalifa’s Kush & OJ. The vibe and the way both tapes were constructed are very similar. With that being said, Down the Rabbit Hole is the equivalent to Wiz Khalifa’s Up. The beat is dreamy and only a few artists can rap over a beat like this, with that being Mac, Wiz and Curren$y. It’s just not meant for other rappers to try. Overll this is a good track though.

10: In the Air 5/5
Remember what I said on Best Day Ever? Well this track is very similar in the production sense. The beat is minimalistic and just let’s Mac take over behind the mic and also show off a little bit of his singing voice. This is one of the better track when it comes down to Mac’s flow, he really kills it. This is another one of the under appreciated standouts, must listen.

11: Play Ya Cards 5/5
Chuck Inglish didn’t let me down again. The beat on this one is crazy and has a really old school feel to it. Mac also drops some old schoolish lies such as the chorus “so she came up to me and asked my name, I said I’m Funky Mac and I don’t play no games, if you wanna come home with me tonight, you better play ya cards right.” The one word I would use to describe this track would be funky, it definitely has that feel. The one downside about this record is that it is the shortest on the mixtape, clocking in at just over two minutes.

12: She Said 3.5/5
This track has really grown on me since it first leaked. It has another old-school feel to it, but more classic east coast rap feel, while Play Ya Cards was more like late 80’s/early 90’s vibe. This one is more mid 90’s classic feel. The funny thing about this track is that I read in an interview with him that he was reading off his friends phone for the lyrics and his friend’s mom called, so that’s why it’s in the song. I like how they kept it, adds some humor to the track. Oh yeah and Mac also said he was actually sick when he recorded this, that’s dedication. Overall this isn’t a standout track, but it’s a solid listen.

13: Life Ain’t Easy 5/5
This definitely has a feel good, summer vibe to it. This is a fun track to listen to and it cheers me up every time I hear it. I have definitely been blasting this one while driving around this summer. This track is almost an even better version of Get Up. It also speaks on how people think Mac has changed since his fame, but he actually hasn’t with lines such as “My people always tell me, Mac please don’t ever let the fame change you, they say I’m so different but it ain’t true, still got the same girl, roll with the same crew, I’m just doing what it takes for me to make due.” This might be the the best track off the tape.

14: Snooze 3.5/5
This track is in the same vein of Life Ain’t Easy as it is another feel good jam. It is a step down from Life Ain’t Easy though. The beat isn’t as good and Mac doesn’t flow as well as he does it Life Ain’t Easy. With that being said, this will still get a lot of plays on my iPod.

15: Keep Floating (feat. Wiz Khalifa) 4/5
This is the exact collaboration you would expect between Mac and Wiz. It has that stoner, chillax vibe and it works to both artists strong suits. Wiz Khalifa kills the chorus and Mac does the same his verse. With that said, the beat just isn’t that good in my mind. It takes the track down. However, this closes out the album on a very high note.

16: BDE Bonus 5/5
The second the beat started playing, I knew it was familiar I just couldn’t remember from where. And then it hit me. It’s from the being of the Donald Trump video. This track is just Best Day Ever over a different beat. The production on this is top notch and has a very reminiscent beat and what I mean by that is it will make you want to sit back and think. Mac just released the video for this track and in it he featured videos of him as a kid (opens with a little Mac rapping Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper Delight, it’s hilarious) and that plays into the tracks strong suit. You’ll want to chill and just think about memories as a kid. With all that being said though, I’d still have to give the edge to the first Best Day Ever. Nonetheless, this is an amazing outro.

I was completely blown away from this tape. It was great from start to finish and the only pass on the entire tape for me was Wear My Hat. If I could have re-done my Top 25 Albums of the Year (So Far) list, I would move this up to the four spot, keep Pac Div at five and kick Bad Meets Evil somewhere farther back. This mixtape is incredible, period. He deserves every bit of it of recognition he’s getting and I hope that he has much more shine in the up coming future.

Download: Mac Miller – Best Day Ever

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