Artist On the Rise: Pat Dolla$

Posted: July 23, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music, Music Submission
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So a couple days ago I was hit up on the ‘ol twitter by this guy named Patrick Kennedy. He is an up and coming artist and he wanted to know if he could submit music to the ESP. Well he submitted some of his music to me and what I can tell you is that I was actually impressed by what I was hearing. He has solid lyrics and a pretty good flow for someone who’s been rapping as long as him. So hit the jump and see why Pat Dolla$ deserves some appreciation for the music that’s he putting out!

Pat Dolla$ is 18 years old, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY his whole life until coming to college at Boca Raton, FL in 2010. Despite his love for music, Pat never thought that he can contribute to it in his own way, yet alone rapping. He began rapping as a joke at the end of his senior year in High School and carried it on to college where in his freshman year he decided that he was going to push it full force. Unlike most of his fellow “white rapping” peers, Pat vow’s to not go down the typical frat rapping road where they only speak about nonsense.

Pat Dolla$ – Grown Simba
The first track from Pat Dolla$ is him going in over J. Cole’s Grown Simba. Now when I first saw that, I wasn’t too sure how much I liked that idea. J. Cole is in my top three favorite emcees today (others are Kendrick Lamar and Big K.R.I.T.) and he completely killed the original, so I was uneasy about the whole idea. But I was pleasantly surprised by what I was hearing. He displayed a good control over flow and some nice lyrics throughout the track. The video actually has over 12,000 views on YouTube so he’s generating some serious buzz. It’s an overall solid re-do by Pat Dolla$. Definitely suggest checking it out.

Download: Pat Dolla$ – Grown Simba

Pat Dolla$ – Dreams Money Can Sell
The next track is him rapping over Drake’s Dreams Money Can Buy to some success. His flow on this one is a litte different than on Grown Simba but that is necessary as the track is slower. I’m starting to get even more impressed with his flow, but at some points he just needs to slow it down. Let the beat come to you, don’t try to over power it or anything. This track also has 800 listens on SoundCloud and 3,500 views on YouTube so he got to be doing something right. Another good track from Pat Dolla$, stream below and download link after that.

Download: Pat Dolla$ – Dreams Money Can Sell

Pat Dolla$ is a pretty good up and coming artist who has a promising career infront of him. With his flow and lyrics, he could go somewhere. I do have one issue though, in order to be a great artist you have to make your own tracks. He has mainly just been freestyling over old beats, you need to be able to rap well over original beats. However he told me that he plans on working with some new producers soon. He also expects to release more tracks around September and begin working on a new mixtape this year, so be on the lookout for that. Check out a few more links below and we’ll keep you updated on everything Pat Dolla$ here at the ESP!

Pat Dolla$ Facebook Fan Page
Follow Pat Dolla$ on Twitter
Pat Dolla$ SoundCloud (has a few more tracks to convince you)

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