Three Old School College Football Teams that Play by the Rules

Posted: July 20, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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It does not appear as though the College Football season is on the horizon – less than 6 weeks away – for a couple of reasons. For one, we have not heard a lot about it; all we are hearing about is baseball, soccer, and…about a couple of lockouts? Last time I checked, July was not that great a sports month; not to worry, however, because the fall is almost here… a.k.a. FOOTBALL!

This is the second part of a two-part series – I strongly suggest reading my post yesterday on three College Football Programs on the Rise that Play by the Rules here – and something I did realize yesterday, but forgot to clarify in the post, was that no College Football program is perfect; however there are schools that have dealt well with one or two small allegations or none at all. However some of these ‘Old School’ teams – by that I mean college teams that have maintained a winning tradition for quite some time – have been able to keep a clean slate in their storied histories. (Again, if you are looking to read about Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Auburn, or Miami…you are reading the wrong article)

Pennsylvania State University – The Nittany Lions – you may also know them as the fighting Joe Pa’s – have been very privileged to be coached by one of College Football’s legends for quite a while; Joe Paterno. The man has one of the highest voices I have ever heard and he has been injured on the sidelines; but damn you’ve got to respect the man because he has kept a polished program and he is still sitting on the sidelines for the Nittany Lion at age 84 – a phenomenal feat. He never would think about cheating because he is a very old-fashioned guy; call it what you will, that is a great quality.

The only slip up I came across dealt with Jerry Sandusky – former Penn State Defensive Coordinator – when he was accused of incidentally assaulting a teenage boy. He is fire, replaced, and it was over. Other than that Penn State has always been a Big Ten powerhouse, during which they have not been brought up on many allegations. Even though Paterno’s responsibilities surrounding the team are dwindling, I really do not see this program getting called out any time soon; the players and coaches have been discipline enough to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Oklahoma University – Unbelievable football has been played in Norman for many of the past decades. Post World War Two they have had the highest winning percentage in the nation – .763 – and the most wins – 567. If I were to not know Oklahoma as well as any College Football fan does I would say they definitely pulled some sort of scam somewhere down the line…how else would they be able to win so many games? The Answer: They have the most discipline of any team in college football, that entails players that have a lot of heart and want to earn each game. This is the type of style that Oklahoma Coaches and Veterans have injected and inject into their team before the start of every season.

The only allegation I could find that would have tinted Oklahoma’s robust reputation is in the early spring of 2007 when the university had, according to the NCAA, failed to adequately monitor the employment of dismissed starting quarterback Rhett Bomar and other athletes at a Norman car dealership. The University came straight out with these documents and completely disagreed with what the NCAA had said.

Stanford University – I have done research on these six schools – including those in Part One – and I pretty much found one lagging detail in every program…except for the Tree/Cardinal. Some great names have passed through such as John Elway, Bill Walsh, Jim Plunkett, Bill Corpus, and yet no allegations what-so-ever? Very Impressive. Likely, after this season, Quarterback Andrew Luck will be placed amongst those great names and hopefully the Cardinal name will never be stained.

The program has always had a winning tradition – .591 Winning Percentage – and has never turned against the NCAA to get it done. I have always found a place in my heart for a team like this, which is why I will be close to distraught if Luck does not capture the Heisman Trophy this year – he was second in last year’s race, losing to Auburn’s Cameron “Scam” Newton.

  1. waynebradley says:

    While the past few years of Oklahoma’s legacy have been clean, I would not say they have never turned against the NCAA to get it done. I seem to recall that was Barry Switzer’s downfall.

    • mceagle611 says:

      Yes I missed touching on that…that was pretty big. And I dont want to make it sound lime it didn’t stain their tradition at Oklahoma but the past three coaches have done/been doing a fine job of finding the middle ground for winning and takin care of business without scandal..except for the supposed allegations I mentioned in the article.

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