Three College Football Teams on the Rise that Play by the Rules

Posted: July 19, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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It has overall been a pretty uneventful July in the sport’s world; nobody can deny that. However, I’m trying to look forward – as always – to what lies ahead. Does anyone else realize that we are less than a month and a half away from parking our asses on the couch all Saturday long watching Football? Does it not seem like the season has snuck up on us?

Well, amidst many College Football Teams receiving allegations against their programs based on wrong-doings of the Players, the Coaches, etc., we have not really looked forward – we have only reflected on past events. So let’s put a positive spin on this subject, and ramp up the start to the 2011-2012 College Football season! Here are three of the nation’s up and coming teams that do not cheat the system. (Just a heads up…if you are looking for schools such as Ohio State, Georgia Tech, USC, and Miami – to name a few – you are reading the wrong article)

Boise State UniversityThe Broncos, coming off half of a decade of being at the top of the nation’s rankings, seem to have kept a clean slate; they have maintained an outstanding reputation. You notice that they have never really had the best player, the fastest offense, nor the most intimidating defense? However they have always packed a punch because they are well-disciplined by their coaching staff and they keep up a phenomenal esprit de corps (comradeship) amongst the team.

I have never really heard about BSU on Sportscenter, or any ESPN network broadcast, being handed allegations or any type of event occurring that might cloud your opinion on them. They always seem to be that team that no one can find wrong with; so why not like them. I implore this program to keep doing whatever they are doing to be successful without cheating at all.

Texas Christian UniversityThe Horned-Frogs really have come onto the nation’s elite scene throughout the course of the past couple years. Clearly last year they really made the case that any non-BCS conference should be considered to be a BCS National Championship participant; and happily I have watched this team grow – soon to be a Big East team – and they are doing well without anyone singling them out due to fraud.

If you recall, last year TCU of course took out Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl Game after Ohio State President Gorden Gee spoke out about how non-automatic qualifiers do not deserve to be competing for the Bowl Championship Series Title. This after the Wisconsin beat the Buckeyes comfortably, then before TCU squeaked out a two-point victory over an extremely solid Badgers squad. TCU accomplished what they had set out for – to make the case for future non-AQ schools (that they should be talked about to be a participant for the National Title) – and did so without cheating of any sorts. Keep it up!

The University of South Florida – Finally, this is a team that has had only one thing scratch at their image and they were able to take care of it. The South Florida Bulls have been in the College Football spotlight for a couple of years now – as they have competed in a bowl game for six years now. The Bulls have only been shot at when ex-coach Jim Leavitt was accused of strike Joel Miller (at the time sophomore USF Football Player) twice in the face. After that, the situation was taken care of and they hired one of the best coaches available; Skip Holtz – son of Notre Dame great Lou Holtz.

Holtz, who had already brought a now successful ECU program up from the ground, has never been accused of any wrong-doing; so clearly this hire was second to none. I’m now excited to see what if this Bull’s program can be crafted into something truly special, without cheating because quite frankly I’m so tired of it, and a National Championship Contender.

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  1. LoneWolf says:

    I would think that Rutgers and maybe UConn would qualify for a bit or recognition for “keeping it clean” and putting together pretty solid programs. Not “powerhouses,” but legit squads.

    • mceagle611 says:

      Agreed LoneWolf, you are the man. UConn has been steadily on the rise…however after Ray Rice left I think that Rutger’s talent has steadily gone down. They have kept it clean though and i was sad that they got punished for not cheating the system with the death of Jasper Howard.

  2. […] reading my post yesterday on three College Football Programs on the Rise that Play by the Rules here – and something I did realize yesterday, but forgot to clarify in the post, was that no […]

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