Artist On the Rise: D-Why

Posted: July 18, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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The artist I’m covering today is pretty much unknown and it’s time that he gets more shine. A lot more shine. Meet David Morris. He is a University of West Virginia alumni and the best rapper I’ve ever heard from West Virginia. He has a fresh new style and if you watch the video below, he is probably the best dressed rapper out there. When you first see him, there is no way you’d think he could be a rapper. But this just goes to show that rap comes in all forms. Some come check out why the Morgantown native needs some more recognition!

Let me start off by saying that he is yet to come out with an official project, but that’s not stopping him from coming out with good music. His first official mixtape, Don’t Flatter Yourself has been pushed back for over a year now, however he has come out with thirteen official tracks. I’m really only going to focus on four of them because they are crazy good. The first of these is titled Devil Horns to All, and it happens to be a freestyle over Black & Yellow. He destroys it ten times better than Wiz Khalifa as he puts his killer flow and lyrics on display. Dropping lines such as “And Gucci thats my m**********g — DUFFLE, half calf macchiato and a Belgium truffle” and “wardrobe stupid, but look what’s standing next to me, you can stunt, but a bad b***h is always the best accessory”. He really shows off his killer flow throughout the song. This is the best Black & Yellow freestyle out of the million that have been made.

The next up is called Shooter McGavin and it’s also a freestyle over Childish Gambino’s Freaks & Geeks. Now when I first saw that I wasn’t too sure about how I felt about him going over a beat that Gambino completely bodied in the first place. With that being said, D-Why does the track justice and kills it himself. His flow is off the chain and he even tries his hand at holding a few notes at spurts throughout the song. He even drops lines such as “I’m Jay-Z meets J. Christ meets Jay Leno meets J. Crew”. The third track is Animal and it is a remix to the track of the same name by Miike Snow. It has an electric/alternative/pop sound to it but D-Why still holds down it down behind the mic. The is a great listen for a fan of any genre. The last track, Party Girl, is where D-Why takes the more traditional route with this club jam which is meant to be blasted at parties everywhere. This track is very catchy and was stuck in my head for days. All in all, D-Why has sound lyrics and his flow is crazy. I see big things upcoming for the West Virginia alum.

Shooter McGavin

Animal (feat. Miike Snow)

Party Girl

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