We are now half way through the month of July and quite a lot has transpired. The Open Championship, MLB All-Star Festivities, and Women’s FIFA World Cup – which I never thought I would be this interested in – have now concluded; they were the premiere events this July. With that being said today on the East Side we are going to take a look at what, where, and who have been hot; and who really have not been so hot with mid-way through the summer.

Hot (Topic) : Women’s Soccer – When the Women’s World Cup started I honestly did not care to watch; it really did not matter to me if the U.S. was knocked out in the group stages or won the FIFA Final. Then, after watching the second half of the Sweden and – after somewhat of an accident – watching the whole Brazil game in the Emergency Room, I fell in love with the best team in the entire field. Up until today the American ladies looked like they were destined to win it, but a heavily unfavored and undersized Japan squad had other ideas. Now, after Japan has pulled an unbelievable upset – doing so in Penalty Kicks – Women’s Soccer is undoubtedly the hottest since it was in 1999 when the U.S. last won the Womens World Cup with names such as Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain.

Not : The FavoriteRory McIlroy (Read about the Young Prodigy HERE), The U.S. Women’s Soccer team, Alberto Contador, and Jose Bautista in the Derby….uhhh….not doing so well. These four specifically were favored in whatever event(s) they took or are taking part in and they did not follow through with a victory.

Courtesy of rss.nbcsports.msnbc.com

Hot : Darren Clarke – What a strong weekend for the Northern Ireland native, who came into Royal St.George’s obviously as one of the competitors with an outside chance. He showed composure and the fact that he converted when he had the ability to – two must have components if you wish to walk away from the Open Championship with the Claret Jug. Congratulations to Clarke – the first over 40-year-old to win a major since 2004 – as he walked away Sunday from the Royal St.George’s hoisting the Jug – that I’m sure he will be drinking in tonight – and a 3-shot victory over Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson.

Courtesy of news.xinhuanet.com

Not : Tiger Woods – Woods is playing it smart but it is really hurting the attention pointed towards the PGA as of late. Usually 10 days before each of these past few big tournaments Tiger has been announcing on his website or over twitter that he will not be competing in ‘X’ event because of his two (Achilles and Left Knee) injuries. So clearly he is not hot because he is not competing…last time I checked if you are struggling with injury and not playing your sport you are not doing well. The next big tournament is the Bridgestone Invitation – one week before the PGA Championship which is the final major of the year – so we will see if Tiger is able to make it through his rehab and play before the end of the summer.

Hot : NFL Lockout – After quite a few months of hearing about business and litigations, the 2011-2012 NFL Season maybe being non-existent, and no training camp the NFL Players Association and Owners have nearly reached an agreement regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement. It has been rumored to be that this agreement will possibly become a reality at a meeting surrounding the CBA on this Thursday, July 21.

Courtesy of espn.go.com

Not : NBA Lockout – This is a bit more tense than the afore-mentioned NFL Lockout. The disagreement involved with the NBA Players and Owners is much farther apart and it is rumored that the 2011-2012 season may definitely be non-existent. Sadly, this time it seems that the rumor regarding the season is more justified than the one said by NFL experts. I can tell you that one thing we can derive from this scenario, however, is that David Stern’s reputation is truly going to be stained in the natural fan’s view. Do you know that he has threatened the players and owners with a million dollar fine if they simply retweeted or tweeted at each other…unbelievable. Now he is getting what he had coming to him too, as some big name players are threatening to play over-seas!

Hot : Derek JeterNow Mr.3000! Jeter (a.k.a. The Captain) captured his 3000th hit with a solo shot on a b-line to Christian Lopez – a Yankee Fan. Now Jeter has asserted himself in the conversation dealing with the greatest shortstop ever to play baseball and the greatest Yankee – do not forget he is the only ever player of any of the New York teams to achieve this astronomical feat.

Not : David Ortiz – Big Papi…he has seen better days. Now coming off of a four-game suspension, dealt by the league to Ortiz because of his bench-clearing brawl with Kevin Gregg of the Baltimore Orioles, he must make some type of comeback. Ortiz, who was one of the favorites to grab the 2011 Home Run Derby, was knocked out in the second round. The American League Captain for the Derby has always been a heavy hitter, but not he has to deal with some heavy criticism for his poor showing in the all-star festivities and scuffle from before the midsummer classic.

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