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Along with The Weeknd, M.i might be one of the most mysterious artists in the game today. Little is know about him except for a few things, he is from Austin, Texas, he is signed to an Indie label and he is an emcee/producer. He raps about these things frequently in his songs which is the way most people have found out these things. I normally do a little background research about the artist I’m doing an article on, just so I have the facts. But I found so little on M.i it was shocking. He’s such a good artist and deserves to have the world know about him. So come check out what makes M.i such a great emcee below!

As I stated above, he is an emcee/producer. I love the guys who do both such as J. Cole and Big K.R.I.T. And soon I think M.i will be able to fall into that category of artists. If I were to compare M.i skills and sound to someone in the game today, it would be a combination between Common, Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West. Yes I realize those are rap giants, but it’s represents the talent that M.i has behind the mic. I also realize that all those guys are from Chicago, yet M.i reps Austin. He doesn’t have that Texas/Dirty South/Chopped-n-Screwed sound to him at all, it sounds like a midwest vibe. It is really reminiscent of the College Dropout Kanye West. M.i has released a total of two major projects, The Jack Johnson Sessions and Prep Time. The first of these, as you can probably tell, takes original Jack Johnson songs and with a little tweeking from M.i turns them into new records. The whole projects really shows how great M.i is as a producer. It has many standouts such as All At Once, Feels Right and A Dream but the best track off the tape is Understand. It has a monster beat that is rockish but still hip-hop at the same time. If you’re a fan of Jack Johnson or that sound, I would definitely recommend you check out The Jack Johnson Sessions. His next project Prep Time was stacked from front to back and clocked in at number seventeen on my Top 25 Albums of the Year. There are so many great tracks on the tape, almost too many to mention. The first standouts come in a pack of three, If I Could, Back to Austin and Until I Get One. All three of these tracks are bangers as Back to Austin is a city anthem and Until I Get One is more inspirational, but If I Could is supposed to knock and it does that to perfection. The next standout comes in the form of As a Kite, a cut that samples Rocketman by Elton John. The beat bangs and M.i’s flow is on point. The best M.i track to date follows, called After I’m Gone. Over a slowed down beat, M.i flows effortlessly and drops a killer hook. This is a must listen. The next standout is My Fault where M.i drops bars over another banger, however it’s more of a mellow banger. Hold On closes out the tape with bang with a beat that seems like it’s just composed of an African drum. M.i’s flow is perfect and he once again catches your attention with an amazing hook. Those seem to be trend when it come to M.i.

From an artist who wants to work with legends such as The Roots, OutKast, Kanye West and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, M.i has a ways to go, but at this rate he’ll be big soon. With the talent that he has behind the mic and boards, he can’t go unnoticed for much longer. He has strong lyrics and dope production, in the same lane as J. Cole and Big K.R.I.T. As M.i has stated, “I’m going to change the game by bringing back the MC, DJ, soul & love to hip-hop and also by bringing the musicianship to the rapper/producer.” Confidence, the sign of a true artist.

Download:M.i – The Jack Johnson Sessions
Download:M.i – Prep Time

After I’m Gone


If I Could

Feels Right

A Dream

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