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With the U.S. Women’s World Cup Soccer Team coming off of one of the most unbelievable, memorable moments in World Cup History with Abby Wambach’s stoppage time in extra time header goal a lot of talk has risen about what the top sports moments in the last ten years have been. So I ask, where does the U.S. Women’s Goal this past Sunday rank among the most enthralling moments in the past ten years in Sports?

As I brainstormed moments for this article, I remembered why I am a sports fan; it is because of the periodic magic that ignites the fans. I reviewed these highlights and a couple of them I sat there and thought about where I was and what I did once it happened. I tried to remember the ones that I had gone the most crazy over, and by no means is this perfect; however it should be very suitable for this category.

10 – LeBron Buzzer Beater – 2009 NBA Playoffs ECF vs Orlando Magic – Legendary, absolutely legendary. After Hedo Turkoglu hit what seemed to be the game winning jumper, LeBron responded and we were all witnesses. This was back when people loved LeBron though, if he hit this shot for Miami after taking his talents to South Beach then you bet people would not view this as great. No one can deny that, but an astonishing shot nonetheless.

9 – Young Walks In – 2006 BCS National Championship – So it’s 4th and 5 with the National Championship on the Line, who else would deliver but one of the greatest college quarterbacks ever; Vince Young. I think this is one of the more forgotten highlights in a championship of any sport. The play clearly deserves a mention on this top ten, but it was even more significant because it really shut down a USC program that was at the top of college football. The recent news that they vacated their 2005 National Championship – as well as this runner-up in 2006 – really capped their downfall over the past couple years.

8 – Chalmer’s Three – 2008 College Basketball National Championship – Honestly there were so many moments in March Madness over the past ten years that were unforgettable, but this was on the biggest stage – a must have three ball. All Derrick Rose – 2011 NBA MVP – had to do was make two free throws (uncontested) and Chalmers hit one of the toughest fade-away shots you can make on the biggest stage. He sent it into overtime and it ended up being a walk to victory of the Jayhawks.

7 – Boone Home Run – 2003 ALCS Game 7 vs Boston Red Sox – Red Sox led 5-2 going into the eighth, and in the bottom of the eleventh…Aaron Boone delivered. This often doesn’t happen, when rivals that are this intense play in the post-season, but it did happen in 2003. Derek Jeter was the first of the awed Yankees that greeted Boone at home plate; and it Boone’s homer captivated the Yankee fans and players alike. Look at the crowd reaction towards the end of the video…it’s unreal. I realize you could make the argument for the Boston Red Sox comeback from being down 0-3 in games to the NY Yankees in the following year in the ALCS, but this moment captures greatness.

6 – The Chip-In – Final Round of 2005 Masters – Simply the best moment during the past decade in golf.. Verne Lundquist’s words always ring in the head’s of golf fans whenever the Masters returns to Augusta National. The ball hung the lip of the cup for what seemed like an eternity, but they always fall in the cup for Tiger – who will not be playing in the Open Championship this weekend.

5 – Tyree’s Bubblegum Catch – 2008 Superbowl Game NY Giants vs New England Patriots – Dear Joe Buck, try commentating with a little more enthusiam…this was only one of the greatest single plays in Superbowl history. Let’s get Gus Johnson to do the Superbowl next year, there is one hell of an idea! All jokes aside, what a catch; just when you thought Eli Manning was down, he throws a bomb to David Tyree who makes an improbable catch.

4 – The Loudest Moment in Smith Center History – 2005 UNC vs Duke – Maybe this moment does not trip everyone’s memory but it will be remembered forever here in Chapel Hill. Marvin Williams and the 2005 National Champion Tar Heels of North Carolina go on 11-0 run in the final minutes to pull off an inconceivable win. It has been said by those who attended the game that it was the loudest thing they’d ever heard; the roar of the crowd was second to none. And rightfully so, because the rivalry of the two blues is the most fierce in sports.

3 – Landon Donovan’s Historic Goal – 2010 FIFA Men’s World Cup Game 3 of Group Stages vs Algeria – OHHH IT’S INCREDIBLE! Do you remember this moment? When all us americans were bonded together because the U.S. seemed to need a win to advance on the elimination round of the World Cup? In the 91st minute of the Algeria game, the Americans put together one more run…Exceptional!

2 – The Goal – 2011 Quarterfinals in FIFA Women’s World Cup vs Brazil – Now with the Americans through to the World Cup Finals, we look back at what is – besides the shirt rip-off by Brandi Chastain in the Americans 1999 World Cup Victory – the greatest womens soccer moment of all-time. Heading it into the back of the net was Abby Wambach off the cross from Megan Rapinoe in stoppage time of extra time; only with tics left in the 121st minute.

1 – The Olympic Comeback – 2008 Olympics Mens Freestyle Relay Final – I am honestly emotional every time I see this highlight. It is the greatest moment in these past ten years, and it makes me proud to be an American. After the French talked so much crap about how they would kill America, we Jason Lezak edged them out; and it kept Phelp’s eight gold medals still alive. He ended up accomplishing the feat, and surpassed Mark Spitz as possibly the greatest swimmer ever to roam the Earth.

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