Album Review: Been There Heard That by Mic Mang

Posted: July 12, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Album Review, Music
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Mic Mang and his buddies were kind enough to give us an early listen to his new mixtape, Been There Heard That, here at ESP. I have been pumped for this tape ever since Mic Mang’s stellar first effort, Wishes Are Real. We are going to switch it up today and give you each and every track to listen to on the review, just to prove to you how dope Mic Mang is as an artist. Well I don’t want to ramble on too much about how I’ve been looking forward to this, so without further ado check out the review to Mic Mang’s second mixtape Been There Heard That below!

1: Intro 3/5
The tape starts off with a soothing piano playing for a little over a minute. While there are no vocals, it sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the tape. I really wish Mic Mang would have rapped over this, it would have been dope.

2: Never Let Me Go 4/5
I’m not sure what the exact title of the sample is, but you’ll probably recognize it right away. The beat isn’t the best but Mic Mang flows well over it and definitely makes it worth your while to listen. I can already tell that he has seriuosly improved since his last tape.

3: Conscience 5/5
The first single from Been There Heard That is 100% dope. Right away you can tell it samples the Red Hot Chili Peppers song Snow (Hey Oh). Over a slightly revamped beat, Mic Mang rips it apart. It details the story of an argument between Mic Mang and his conscience which is a dope concept. It really shows the growth that Mic Mang has gone through since his first project. This is a must listen.

4: Ordinary People (Interlude) 3/5
Again with the piano playing. It’s really calming and I find it pretty dope. But I wish that Mic Mang would just take one of these and drop a few bars over it.

5: The Break Up 3.5/5
This track is pretty strong lyrically as it details a break up and the complications of a relationship. But I’m just not a fan of the beat. It really takes the track down a level. The hook is pretty dope and it makes the track listenable. Once again though Mic Mang’s flow is top notch.

6: Let the Kid Rap 5/5
This is my favorite Mic Mang track to date. It has an amazing sample of Let the Drummer Kick by Citizen Cope. Ever since I first heard that song in Coach Carter I have always wanted someone to rap over it, and we finally get it here in Mic Mang. This is an amazing song as you can really start to grasp how much better Mic Mang has gotten, the production, the flow, the lyrics are all getting better by each song. This song will be on repeat for quite some time to come, I would highly suggest you listen to this.

7: Hello World 4.5/5
This one starts off like one of those interludes, but slowly more sounds are implemented. But that’s not a bad thing at all, as a matter of fact it gives the track that finished sound. His flow on this one is crazy at times and at other he really just slows it down. An all around great listen.

8: Use Somebody (Interlude) 3/5
Same as the intro and other interlude, solid piano for about a minute. I’m actually starting to really dig these though.

9: Pull An All Nighter 4.5/5
This track has that summertime, day on the beach feel and the vibe is great. I really am starting to love Mic Mang’s flow, he has really grown a lot since his last tape. The cut ends with a semi-outro and it really adds to the overall feeling of the song. Trust me, it makes it that much better.

10: Smile Like You Mean It 4/5
I really like the concept and title to this song. As some time in life it just feels like people put on fake smiles and go along with things. It really means a lot to someone when they truly mean it. The sample on this one is also dope and it has a female holding down the hook to much approval. I love how the track closes out with an almost chorus of people singing. All in all, this a solid listen.

11: Callbacks 3.5/5
This record has a rockish feel to it, but to me it falls short a little. I’m not really a fan of the hook, as it seems kinda off key. This is one of the few skips on the entire tape for me, don’t have much else to say.

12: Swallowed In the Sea (Interlude) 3/5
See the other two interludes and intro above for my feelings on these. What I can say though is that these flow well in the feeling and mood of the tape.

13: Fifteen Minutes 4/5
With a few songs left Mic Mang needs to keep up the steam and not close the album out flat; leave a good feeling for the listener. This track starts off with a beat that almost seems like an almost kidish beat, but once the beat drops you will start to nod to the beat. His flow on here is once again killer, but at times it seems like he’s riding the beat just a little to hard. That being said, a good play.

14: Dream On 5/5
Right away the first thing I heard was that Sleepyhead by Passion Pit sample. It’s completely dope and sets the stage perfectly for Mic Mang to rap over. It’s like the canvas for Mic Mang to paint his picture over, and the combination works out perfectly. I am really digging this song.

15: It’s Music (Outro) 5/5
What have I been saying about the interludes? Mic Mang finally raps over one. And it turns out to be one of the best songs on Been There Heard That. The beat is very simplistic as it has just a piano for the whole track. It also turns out to be one of the best Mic Mang tracks lyrically to date. You’re going to want to listen to it multiple times to catch everything he says. It is in the same vein as The Vent by Big K.R.I.T. A very simple beat where they both drop lyrical bombs to close out the album, and they both let the beat close out the song for the last couple minutes.

So what’s the verdict? His second effort is above and beyond his previous. It feels like a true album in the way it’s composed and written. The tape certainly had its low points, but they were completely out shined by the high points. It lived up to and exceeded my expectations for it 100%. You can really feel how much better Mic Mang has gotten in just a matter of months. At this rate, Mic Mang will be the next big thing out of the great state of North Carolina. So download Been There Heard That below and support good music and local artists! Trust me you’re going to want to.

Download: Mic Mang – Been There Heard That
Also check out Mic Mang’s blog here and download his first mixtape,Wishes Are Real , here.

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  2. […] Mic Mang – Let the Kid Rap A standout off of Mic Mang’s new tape, Been There Heard That […]

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