Artist On the Rise: The Weeknd

Posted: July 11, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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We are changing it up here today on the ESP, as we are going to cover one of the most promising R&B singers today. With that being said, no one in the music industry might be more mysterious than The Weeknd himself. I mean the picture above is one of about a total of six different ones, and you can’t even see his face well. I actually think that’s what makes him so intriguing. Not much is known about him, except for one thing: he makes damn good music. So come check out what makes The Weeknd the next big thing in music below!

The Weeknd’s (yes there is no “e” but it’s still pronounced like there is) name is Abel Tesfaye and he’s from Toronto, CA. The same place as his biggest supporter, Drake. Drake has co-signed The Weeknd for quite a while now and the great thing is that is shows in his music. The Weeknd’s style reminds me of the R&B Drake from So Far Gone. Also rumor is that The Weeknd will be heavily featured on Drake’s upcoming album, Take Care. The Weeknd’s first project, titled House of Balloons, was released in March 2011 to much acclaim and success. Preceded by a string of low-profile buzz single releases throughout 2010, the identity behind The Weeknd was kept secret from the public which attracted significant interest. House of Balloons received the coveted ‘Best New Music’ title at Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating based on reviews by industry professionals and fans, gave House of Balloons a rating of 89 indicating ‘Universal Acclaim’, also making it the third highest scoring R&B release ever. Now let’s get down to the music. House of Balloons starts out with the standout cut, High for This. Over guitar riffs he sings “you need to be high for this” and you might actually believe him. He continues with What You Need. A cut where he tries to convince his lover that he is what she needs. The track is very mellow and laid back. The next track is a double track called House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls. This first one is more up-tempo and the production is top notch, but then about half way he switches it up and changes tracks. The second half is where The Weeknd tries his hand at rapping. While it’s not the best, it showcases his versatility and talent. The Morning is another standout where The Weeknd sings over a mellow beat that slowly builds up. You’re going to want to put this one on repeat for some time to come. The next record is probably my favorite. Wicked Games is the most rock influenced cut on the tape. The guitar and bass line on it are just dope. Up next is the seven and a half minute long The Party & The After Party. One of the things I have noticed about The Weeknd’s track are that they are relatively long, with most clocking in at over five minutes. Back to the song, The Party & The After Party has The Weeknd at his story telling finest. Laying out the story of a crazy party filled with girls and booze. Coming Down is a track that has a very spacey feel to it, almost like you’re just laying there floating through space, it’s dope. The next track, Loft Music, is more up-tempo but awesome nonetheless. The Weeknd closes out the album (or whatever you want to call it) with The Knowing. It once again has that feeling like you’re in a daze and don’t know where to go. But it picks up pace at points and closes out the album with an amazing feeling.

Just imagine a combination between The-Dream and Miguel and the singing Drake and you’ve come up with The Weeknd. Those are some seriously big names, but it’s what The Weeknd is capable of. With the acclaim of his first release and two more supposed projects dropping this year, Thursday and Echoes of Silence, The Weeknd’s hype is on full. There has been no word on when they are supposed to be released (except for Thursday in the summer and Echoes of Silence in the fall), but I guess that is a good thing because House of Balloons dropped out of nowhere. I guarantee by the time you’ve fully listened to House of Balloons, you will be addicted to The Weeknd’s drug.

Download: The Weeknd – House of Balloons

The Morning

Wicked Games

The Party & The After Party

High For This

What You Need

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