Once a year some of the world’s major athletes come together to watch the presentation of the ESPY Awards. The presentation of the 19th-annual ESPY is set to take place once again in the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California, and for the year is set to be hosted by the comical Saturday-Night Live actor and comedian Seth Meyers. What makes the awards so watchable is not the fact that the ESPYs are Sporting Worlds equivalent of the Oscars or Emmys, it is due to the fact that they are unbelievably funny. For example, during the 2010 ESPYs Comedian/Actor Steve Carrell and Comedian/Actor Paul Rudd were seen in a skit that essentially made fun of the most criticized moments in sports history; the program starring LeBron James ‘The Decision’.

Carrell plays James as Rudd interviews him, Rudd questions him about his decision eventually finding out that he is the only one who has not been informed of his Carrell’s ‘Decision’; only later to find that Carrell would be taking his appetite to the Outback Steakhouse. Two years before there was the skit containing American Comedian/Actor Will Ferrell and Comedian/Actor John O’Reilly, yet another skit that nearly made me cry because I was laughing so hard.

It is definitely worth the watch and although I am very ecstatic about what this year’s main skit might be; I’m clearly more concerned with how our nation will vote for what I consider the main categories in this year’s presentation. The Categories that fall in this classification include Break-Through Athletes, Record Breaking Performance, Upset, Team, and – this is personally an eye-catcher for me – NBA Player. Therefore I am going to present your options – you may then formulate your opinion on the Category – then I will follow the choices with my own pick accompanied by an explanation. Here we go..

Break-Through Athlete – Up for ESPY: Jose Bautista, Arian Foster, Blake Griffin, Li Na, Cam Newton

Prediction: A couple of weeks ago my answer would have been either Blake Griffin or Cam Newton – and they may win because the early voters probably turned in a ballot giving the nod to one of these two guys that are very deserving because one guy is very flashy and the other is a champion – but if I were picking today they would not be my guys. Li Na..not big enough..and I think that the ESPYs really does not favor NFL Athletes because the NFL season ends in early February – five and a half months ago – so not Arian Foster. My pick is Jose Bautista because the guy is simply coming out of no where as he has a league leading 31 Home Runs and an assortment of other great hitting stats. He will make an appearance in the HR Derby Monday and if he wins – like I think he will – it will cement this pick because he truly has come from no where.

Record Breaking Performance – Up for ESPY: Ray Allen, Rory McIlroy, Derrick Rose, UConn Women’s Basketball

Prediction: I am keeping this one simple, we have seen young talents doing incredible things – so no Derrick Rose or Rory McIlroy – and although the UConn Women’s team went on an improbable run by crushing their competition until the 90-game period was over, I’m giving the edge to Ray Allen. Earlier this year Allen set Reggie Miller’s all-time three-point record that was an incredible feat; for this reason am I picking Allen, because 2,561 is a hell of a lot of threes. (Even though I would probably give my vote to Derek Jeter’s 3,000 hit if it were on the ballot)

Upset – Up for ESPY: Blame over Zenyatta, Fabricio Werdum stuns Fedor Emelianenko, Seahawks upset Saints, VCU

Prediction: Horse Racing…nope. Mixed Martial Arts…nope. America is not going to vote for these sports because we are not that exposed to them. However it is an interesting question, the improbable upset in the NFL Playoffs – remember Marshawn Lynch’s run ??? – or the VCU cinderella won? I would just like to point out that I did see VCU running through the tournament field with their fast-paced, defensive minded game – and yes I did pick them to go a long way in my bracket. For this reason will I pick the Seahawk’s huge upset even though I see Virginia Commenwealth’s improbable run maybe winning it because they started in the FIRST FOUR!

Team – Up for ESPY: Auburn Football, Boston Bruins, Dallas Mavericks, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco Giants, Texas A&M Women’s Basketball

Prediction: This is quite a tough pick..I mean Boston, San Francisco, and Texas A&M won’t win it because, again, I still believe that if a sport or team is not highlighted enough by the media than it won’t catch the eye of a voter like the Dallas Mavericks would. Yes I am picking the Mavs over the Packers and Auburn because it was the ultimate grudge match. The Mavericks really got the revenge they deserved over the Heat, and think about this… The Packers were a great ‘team’ but from the beginning of the season I thought that they were pretty much destined to win. On the other hand the Tigers of Auburn University were pretty much a one man team – *cough* Cam Newton *cough* – therefore the Mavericks epitomize the perfect ‘team’ for 2011.

NBA Player – Up for ESPY: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Derrick Rose

Prediction: I can tell you someone who is not going to win…The King. I don’t see Kobe or Durant winning it this year because of how they finished – even though Durant made it to the Western Conference Finals – because of their quiet finishes. And even though Rose went out somewhat quietly he won the MVP, in my opinion this makes him the second-most vote getter. However, the guy for me at the end of the season was NBA Finals Champion and MVP Dirk Nowitzki; I mean I don’t care what team you go for, it is extremely difficult to go against him. Man am I excited for next season; you can see The Eastern Conference and The Western Conference previews here, and we all better hope the Lockout ends soon!

I can only hope that this year’s ESPYs are as entertaining as in the years past; however I am very confident that this will be the case. Seth Meyers is hysterical and in my opinion the perfect guy to host this event; and his humor combined with the controversy involved with some of these picks should make for an amusing night.

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