Jeter Joins Exclusive Club: 3,000 Hits

Posted: July 9, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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New York fans, in my opinion, are the most criticizing city in the country. No disrespect intended – and it shows how much they love their teams – but today, finally for just one day, everything went perfectly. Derek Jeter, New York Yankee Captain, stepped up to bat in the third inning after capturing his 2,999th hit in the bottom of the first and this happened..

A 420-foot Home Run to left field becoming the second player – alongside Wade Boggs – to hit the ball out of the park resulting in number 3,000. As the ball was hoisted into the air the fans knew it, they were in an absolute frenzy, and as soon as Jeter saw it leave the park – falling into New York Resident Christian Lopez’s hands – he clapped his hands together. As soon as he touched home plate an explosion of emotion was felt throughout the stadium as long-time teammates Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera were the first to greet him after his first Home Run at Yankee Stadium this season; a great moment to say the least.

However it did not end there, because after New York refocused post-Jeet‘s game-tying homer he had 3 more hits – 5-5 in the ball game. One of which was a double, and the other two singles, Jeter drove in the game’s winning run yielding in a 5-4 victory…bottom-line: A great day in New York history.

The first Yankee to ever achieve this feat stepped up to the podium in his post-game interview admitting that he felt pressure to join the 3,000-hit club at home – thus proving my point about New York expecting the most perfection from their sports teams – but he did not want to admit until he had had his “special day”. The captain claimed that, ‘[he] was not sure if it would be a home run, however [he] knew it would not be caught.’

The Highlight will forever be remembered in talks of what Legacy Jeter has left on Major League Baseball; however I can tell you that few people will ever think poorly about him. Jeter’s accomplishment today should be appreciated by all MLB fans as he has achieved something that only 27 other men have. I want to extend my sincere regards to Derek Jeter and I’m sure he – even the Red Sox – will cement his Legacy as one of the greatest shortstops in MLB history.

You could not write this in a script and the guy that has been so humble over the last 15 years has received what he deserved. An overwhelming day and in the words of Yankee great Yogi Barra, “I want to give him a big hug. It’s an absolutely exceptional accomplishment.”

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