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The Magic of the Bench-Clearing Brawl is second to none in sports; I mean you talk about something that will get the juices pumping! It’s something that you can use to talk about with a sports fan when you are bored, it’s an occurrence that can have one player up in angst with another, and it can start potentially start a rivalry between two teams. Sports nuts live for the cheap-shots and take-downs involved in these great backyard fights; and for this reason did I decide to do a write-up replete with all you can get bench-clearing fights! Enjoy.

1 – This article was primarily written in light of what happened between Boston Red Sox’s DH David “Big Papi” Ortiz and Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kevin Gregg; so of course I got to give them a shout out! It is the first real bench-clearing incident of the year that is still be talked about by the major sports networks – in the MLB that is.

2 – No good videos for Number Two, so I figured I would just show you guys a great action shot of Coco Crisp dodging a Jason Shields punch and countering it with a sucker-punch to the face.

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3 – Pretty much the last time this will ever happen in the NBA; Ron Artest getting into a huge brawl at the Palace in Detroit. Some classic punches were thrown and some slurs were proclaimed; but all-in-all you will never see another player climb in the bleachers like this because there would be some serious punishment.

4 – One of the great moments in the second most intense rivalry in all of sports; Pedro Martinez taking down Don Zimmer will always lager in the minds of New York and Boston fans.

5 – I thought of this the minute that I began brainstorming for this article, what a distinct and unforgettable memory in the mind of true college football fans! The crowd was in a frenzy and the every single player was into it; two key factors in a great sports tussle!

Honorable Mention: This is a huge WTF to the above videos/picture; unbelievably funny…only would this happen in Korea!

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